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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Loudoun County Mulls Financial Plan

The Loudoun County board is inviting interested citizens to watch a webcast of its meeting on the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

Federal Workers Rally To Protest Cuts

Federal workers took to the U.S. Capitol today, not in the exercise of their normal jobs, but in protest of the Republicans' push for cuts in the federal workforce.

Partisan Gridlock Clouds Virginia Budget

Lawmakers in Virginia are at an impasse after the state senate remained split along partisan lines over the passage of a budget for the next fiscal year.

New Study Eyes Wind Power Potential In Maryland

Maryland lawmakers are considering the results of a study which says that tapping into the budding wind power industry would be a major boon for the state economy.

National Journal: Congress More Partisan Than Ever

According to a study, Congress is as divided along partisan lines as it has ever been, though lawmakers in Maryland and Virginia vary widely across the political spectrum.

Prince George's Blaze That Injured Firefighters Was Arson

Officials now confirm arson was the cause of a blaze in Prince George's County on Friday that injured several firefighters and left two in critical condition. They are asking for tips from the public.

Realtors Fight For Mortgage Interest Deduction

A number of realtors took to Annapolis Tuesday to protest a bill that would reduce the mortage interest rate deduction for residents of the state, saying it would further stymie growth in the housing sector.

Bartlett Denies Backing So-Called 'Stache Act

Roscoe Bartlett was already facing a tough re-election campaign in Maryland's sixth district, but now he's being wrong accused of backing a tax break for mustache-wearers.

Council Member Warned For Driving 50 MPH Over Limit

A Prince George's County councilwomen was let off with a warning by police after being caught speeding more than 50 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

WMATA Keeping Riders In The Loop With Metro Alerts

Tired of finding out about Metro and bus delays only after you're stuck in them? WMATA is attempting to address this with a new program that sends alerts to commuters' phones and email accounts.

Protesters Arrested During Attempt To Block Monsanto Offices

Protesters attempted to "occupy" Monsanto's offices in downtown D.C. today, citing the company's economic impacts on farms around the country.

Cantor Hopes To Move Jobs Bill, But Democrats Want More

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is trying to make headway on some business-friendly legislation in the House, but some area Democrats are not sold.

Transgender Activists Wait For MPD Response After Bias Allegations

The Department of Justice is mediating claims that the Metropolitan Police Department is biased against transgender people. 

D.C. Council Examines Cancelled Youth Job Training Contract

The D.C. Council is looking into why the city staunchly defended a youth job training contract that was ultimately overturned by a city appeals board.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hank The Cat Running For Senate In Virginia

A Northern Virginia cat may just give former governors Tim Kaine and George Allen a run for their money in the race for a Virginia Senate seat.