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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Solar Storm Could Knock Out Communications, GPS Today

A geomagnetic storm resulting from Tuesday's solar flares could affect some communications systems and power grids today.

Virginia Senate Entrenched In Budget Standoff

The standoff over Virginia's budget shows no signs of breaking in the State Senate, although it appears progress is being made in the House.

D.C. Mayor Denies Involvement With Raided Campaign Fundraiser

D.C. Mayor Vince Gray is denying knowledge of any wrongdoing that may have occurred during his 2010 campaign for mayor. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Virginia Tech Researchers Study Asthma Using Horses

When it comes to finding treatments for asthma, researchers at Virginia Tech have found that there is no species better suited than man's old friend -- the horse.

Virginia Legislators Shoot Down 'Castle Doctrine'

Proponents of the so-called "castle doctrine," which would reduce the legal liability of home owners in self-defense situations, saw their bill sent back to the drawing board on Wednesday.

D.C. Government To Pay For Private Sector On-The-Job Training

Unemployment is a persistent problem in the District, so city leaders are unveiling a program that would subsidize the salaries of out-of-work residents hired by local businesses.

Victims' Families Call For End To Maryland Death Penalty

Legislators in Maryland are considering a bill that would repeal the death penalty in the state, and dedicate some of the cost savings to the families of crime victims.

Virginia Regulators Fail To Notify Public On Mountaintop Removal

Environmental groups are calling for the EPA to strip Virginia regulators of the ability to issue permits for mountaintop removal, saying they have been doing so without providing sufficient notice to the public.

O'Malley Signals Intention To Commute Life Sentences

Two inmates serving life sentences in Maryland prisons may have their sentences commuted after Governor Martin O'Malley signaled his intention to do so in a newspaper Wednesday.

ACLU Investigates Abuses Of Anne Arundel Exec

According to the ACLU, John Leopold, a county executive in Anne Arundel County, may have improperly used police resources to collect information on political opponents.

Montgomery County Approves Traffic Cameras On School Buses

School buses in Montgomery County will soon be equipped with traffic cameras to capture drivers who pass illegally, after the County Council voted in favor on Tuesday.

DDOT Identifies Most Dangerous Intersections

With the volume of pedestrians, cars, and buses on D.C. roads, intersections can be something of a hazard. The DDOT has released statistics identifying which are most hazardous to your safety.

National Journal: Virginia Primary Analysis, Looking Ahead To D.C., Maryland

Virginia's voter turnout was low for the Republican primary, but D.C.'s and Maryland's April 3 contests could end up being more meaningful than observers originally thought.

D.C. Council Loosens Rules On Gay Divorce

The D.C. Council voted Tuesday to make it easier for gay couples married in the District to divorce.

Tame Primary Campaigns In Virginia Could Benefit GOP

Virginia was largely spared the vitriol among GOP presidential candidates leading up to the Super Tuesday primary, and that could end up benfitting the eventual Republican candidate in November.