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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unions Protest Dulles Rail Press Conference

Local politicians in Northern Virginia want non-union contractors to be able to work on the Dulles Metrorail project, and that view is making union activists furious.

Virginia Redistricting Plans Lack Consensus

Members of the Virginia General Assembly are reworking plans for redistricting, after Gov. Bob McDonnell vetoed a previous proposal. A House committee unanimously approved a new version this week, but a consensus among all the players has yet to emerge.

Commentary By Peg Hacskaylo: Preserving Victim Services

It's budget season in the District of Columbia. Mayor Vincent Gray has released his vision of a spending plan -- to close a budget gap of more than $300 million. Now the D.C Council must reevaluate it's priorities. Commentator Peg Hacskaylo, executive director of the nonprofit District Alliance for Safe Housing, is asking the city to remember victims of domestic violence.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Former UVA Lacrosse Player Indicted On Murder Charges

A grand jury in Virginia has indicted George Huguely, a former University of Virginia lacrosse player, in the death of a member of the women's lacrosse team whom he was dating.

I Bought An Electric Car. Now What?

Fairfax County resident Ron Ball was one of the first people in Virginia to buy the Chevy Volt, a new eco-friendly electric car. As an avid environmentalist, he had been dreaming of owning a Volt for years. But now that he has one, he's discovering life as a proud Volt owner is more complicated than he realized.

Fire Spokesman: Georgetown Flooding 'Could Have Been Prevented' By Floodwall

Authorities in D.C. say a coastal flood warning remains in effect along the Potomac River. That includes Washington Harbor in Georgetown, the scene of flooding Monday. Many are questioning why floodwalls, which are supposed to protect property there, were not in place.

Arlington Police Still Won't Release Closed Cases

In this year's legislative session, the Virginia General Assembly considered a measure that would have opened up access in cases that are closed. That effort died when police and prosecutors spoke out against it.

Political Pressure Mounts On Airports Authority

The political fallout continues over the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority's plan for building a new subway station at Dulles International Airport.

Consider This With Fred Fiske: The Dangers Of Mixed Martial Arts

I don't know whether it more closely resembles the gladiators, who pummeled each other to amuse the ancient Roman emperors, or the cockfights, which were popular in the Middle Ages, or the dog fights, which sent Michael Vick to jail. But frankly I'm appalled and ashamed and a little revolted when I hear that mixed martial arts is one of the fastest-growing sports in America.

Flash Mob Does 'Tax The Rich Shuffle' In Arlington

In Northern Virginia Monday, some residents showed their dissatisfaction with how the tax code is written in our country by dancing.

Montgomery County Opens First Large-Scale Solar Project

An ordinary looking government building in Montgomery County, Md., is now a mini energy plant.

Lower Level Floods At Georgetown Waterfront

UPDATE: D.C. Fire spokesperson Pete Piringer says flooding of the Washington Harbor complex in Georgetown "could have been prevented" if the floodwall had been erected in time.

Public Forum On Stink Bugs In Virginia

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) is hosting a public forum Monday night in Purcellville that will focus on the invasive stink bug's impact on crops and plants around the region.

High Court Takes No Action on Cuccinelli Request

The Supreme Court has taken no action on Virginia's call for speedy review of the health care law.

D.C. Drivers Paying More Than $4 Per Gallon Of Gas

Drivers may be feeling bad paying at the pump, as the price for fuel continues to rise. Over the weekend the average price in the District topped out at more than $4 a gallon -- but sometimes, paying in cash can knock a few cents off your total.