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Friday, April 20, 2012

Virginia Approves Changes To State Pension System

Lawmakers in the Virginia House and Senate approved changes to the Virginia Retirement System that would require state employees to start contributing to their pensions.

Supervisor Calls For More Transparency In Fairfax Schools

The $3.5 billion school budget in Fairfax County is opaque both to outsiders as well as those on the Board of Supervisors, prompting County Supervisor to call for suggestions on ways to increase transparency.


We pass the microphone to you and read from listeners' emails and letters.

Washingtonians Dream Of Baseball Glory

Baseball fever has set in, and Washingtonians aren't immune... whether they're rooting for the Nationals or their hometown teams.

From A To B: Inside An Epic Road Trip

Two bikes, an open road and more than two months of travel... We go inside an epic cross-country adventure.

Local Theater Brings Deaf Actors Into The Artistic Fold

The Faction of Fools Theater Company has formed an unlikely partnership with Gallaudet University and is incorporating deaf actors into its productions.

Door To Door: Woodland Normanstone, D.C. And Lorton, Va.

This week, we visit Lorton, Va. and Woodland Normanstone in Northwest D.C.

On The Coast: Vaccinating Wild Assateague Ponies

We tag along with a scientist as he administers a contraceptive vaccine to wild horses on Maryland's Assateague Island.

Going Into The Wild At A Local Nature Refuge

We take a nocturnal stroll through a nature reserve to hear the sounds made by wild critters after the sun goes down.

The Challenges Of Aging Out

Sam Queen has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around... and he worries what will happen when he "ages out" of the foster care system next year.

A Washingtonian Wraps Up Her 'Metro-Venture'

For the past two years, Em Hall has been on a quest to ride every bus line and stop at every train station in the Metro System.

This Week On Metro Connection: Going Places

We're "Going Places" this week - from treks through a local nature reserve to road trips across the country.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Delay For Silver Spring Transit Center

Improperly laid concrete is delaying the open of the Silver Spring Transit Center until at least August, but more delays could be in store pending further review by the county and its contractor.

Metro Testing New, Secure 'Bike & Ride'

WMATA is testing out a new system at College Park where residents can securely parking their bicycles outside Metro stations for a fee.

Bay Crab Population Highest In Nearly Two Decades

Thanks in large part to a warm winter, the blue crab population in the Chesapeake Bay is at its highest level since 1993, according to survey results released in Maryland on Thursday.