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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Caution Urged At Suitland Metro After Attacks

Metro police are urging caution for Metro riders who frequent the Suitland Metro station, as two women have been attacked in the last week and a half.

Fairfax County Considers Security Cameras For Schools

Big brother or safety boon? Fairfax County schools are considering putting security cameras inside schools to discourage rule-breaking.

Medical Marijuana Mulled In Maryland

medical marijuana

Maryland's health secretary spoke to a group working to get medical marijuana legalized in the state, and said several academic institutions are exploring the possibility.

Va. Budget Surplus Obscuring Hidden Deficit?


Virginia's governor is boasting of a big budget surplus after big cuts to education this year -- but some question whether it will last through next year.

Occupy DC Completes Peaceful March

occupy dc

The Occupy DC protests continue on Thursday, with thousands of activists taking to the streets protesting at City Hall, the White House and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Suspicious Device Shuts Down D.C. Roads

A small metal, device found on Pennsylvania Avenue Thursday morning caused traffic and shut down roads, as the U.S. Capitol Police tried to determine what the suspicious device was.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Door to Door: Barry Farm, D.C. & Kensington, Md.

This week, we hit the basketball courts in the District's Barry Farm neighborhood, and talk with an antique shop owner from Kensington, Md.

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The Musical World Of D.C. Interns

A new show gives the D.C. internship experience a theatrical twist.

Redefining The Transition To Retirement And Beyond

Seniors today are resisting the notion that they should have to settle for a nursing home in their twilight years.

For New Moms, A Matter Of Myth Vs. Reality

Becoming a mother is arguably one of the biggest transitions a woman goes through in life, and many pregnant women are told to "enjoy every minute" of the experience. But what happens when your happy expectations crash up against a very different reality?

At Johns Hopkins, New Breakthroughs In The Building Blocks Of Life

Johns Hopkins University synthetic biologist looks at yeast as a building block into the brave new world of designer genomes.

Confronting Vacant Homes In Baltimore

Boarded up row houses

Of the 16,000 abandoned homes in Baltimore City, only about 6,000 are worth saving. A city program is working with private developers to figure out how to fix this urban blight.