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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Arlingtonians Still Concerned About VDOT's I-66 Plans

Residents of Arlington have not seen eye to eye with VDOT over their plans to address I-66 congestion by expanding the number of lanes on the road.

Study: D.C. Ranks Fifth Amongst Terrorism Hotspots In U.S.

Accoring to a study, D.C. ranks as the fifth most active terrorist hotspot in the United States, behind other major metropolitan areas like New York and San Francisco.

Gray Pursues Bond Rating Upgrade For D.C.

Mayor Vincent Gray is visiting ratings agencies in New York City to try and persuade them to upgrade the District's credit rating based on the relative health of the local economy.

School Bus Cameras One Step Closer In Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Council's public safety committee has approved a plan to put traffic cameras on school buses, removing one more obstacle to its implementation.

Exelon Corp. Expands To Baltimore

The Exelon Corporation is looking to make its new headquarters at a waterfront property in Baltimore, as part of its buyout of Constellation Energy.

People's Prayer Breakfast Speaks To Social Justice

The National Prayer Breakfast is a D.C. institution, catering to the country's elite. A People's Prayer Breakfast was also held this morning -- a more humble gathering united behind the message of social justice.

PHOTOS: Why Students Drop Out

Teachers at schools like Turner at Green Elementary in Southeast D.C. try to instill in young students that they can grow up to achieve their goals. However, the reality is many public school students in D.C. will not graduate. Educators and researchers are now working to identify the early warning signs that a student may eventually drop out, and address those issues at an early age.  

Student Sexually Assaulted At SE Elementary School

Ketcham Elementary School in Southeast D.C. is on alert after a student reported being sexually assaulted by a man on Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Kids Drop Out: Identifying The Early Warning Signs

Students drop out of school for a complex combination of reasons, making it difficult for teachers to identify any one cause. What educators have been able to narrow down are the most frequent early indicators that a student might someday drop out of school, and they apply these daily to try to combat the dropout crisis.   

Friday, February 3, 2012

Door To Door: Marbury Plaza, D.C. And West End, Md.

It's our weekly trip around the region. This week, we visit Marbury Plaza in D.C. and the West End neighborhood of Rockville, Md.

Making Art From The Things We Fear

Artists confront the things they fear most in the Torpedo Factory Art Center's latest exhibit, "Fears and Phobias."

District Artists Fear Loss Of Homes, Livelihood

Artists at 52 O Street are fearing some major changes, as the landlord considers transforming part of the building in to a hostel.

Washingtonians Confront Claustrophobia By Caving

A woman with an intense fear of confined spaces has found a creative, subterranean way to ease her anxieties.

DCPS Tries To Get A Handle On Who's Graduating, And Who's Not

The District's graduation rate is expected to drop significantly as the federal government changes the way it tracks who stays in school, and who doesn't.

On The Coast: A City Grapples With The Fears And Reality Of Crime

Officials in Salisbury, Md. are stepping up the battle against gangs and calling on the public for help.