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Friday, June 15, 2012

Predatory Towing On The Rise In Montgomery County

Predatory towing is becoming more and more common in the densest urban parts of Montgomery County, and consumer protection officials are warning people to pay close attention to signs.

Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, June 15

Private and public buildings.

D.C. Dives: The Raven Grill

In the inaugural edition of our new series, D.C. Dives, we visit the Raven Grill, one of the city's oldest drinking establishments.

Classrooms To Cupcakes: Two Principals Exchange Old Careers For New

A year ago, two former DCPS principals exchanged the daily grind of running a school for the early-morning work of running a cupcake business, Cooks 'N Cakes.

Bethesda Diner Serves Up "Tastee" Late-Night Grub

We head to Tastee Diner in Bethesda to get some late-night grub and hear the history of a classic eatery that's been serving up comfort food since 1935.

Your Letters

We pass the microphone to you and read your feedback about recent episodes of the show.

Catfight Continues Over Controlling Feral Felines

We go on an early-morning search for alley cats, and hear why there's so much debate over how to control feral feline populations.

Up All Night With An Elderly Parent

A Silver Spring woman shares her story of staying up all night caring for her elderly father.

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Docs, Nurses Stay Alert On Overnight Shift In Children's Cardiac Unit

We go on late-night rounds with the doctors and nurses in the cardiac unit at Children's National Medical Center.

Picciotto's Supporters Push For National Peace Memorial

Concepcion Picciotto has maintained a peace vigil across from the White House for more than 30 years. Now, some of her supporters are pushing for the creation of a National Peace Memorial at the site of her protest.

Late-Night Tourists Hit The Lincoln Memorial

We visit the Lincoln Memorial to find out why visitors are so drawn to Henry Bacon's Greek temple once the sun goes down.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fairfax Community Services Board Faces $9M Shortfall

Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board members struggle to deal with a $9 million budget shortfall.

U.S. Army Celebrates 237th Anniversary

The U.S. Army is marking its 237th anniversary today with many invents, including a solemn ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Montgomery County Considers Shorter 911 Dispatch Shifts

A proposal to shorten the shifts of 911-call-takers in Montgomery County could face a few hurdles before it's implemented. 

Deli Owner Found Dead In H Street NE Store

The owner of a deli in the H Street NE neighborhood wsa found dead in her store early this morning. Police are investigating her death as a homicide.