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Monday, March 19, 2012

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, March 19

Into the Woods, into small spaces, and Ma Rainey.

Virginia Transportation Advocates Seek Improvements

Virginia's transportation advocates are disappointed with both parties' lack of leadership in improving the state's roads.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alexandria Redevelopment Efforts To Go Forward

A judge has ruled against halting Alexandria's waterfront redevelopment plans.

Alexandria Redevelopment Efforts To Go Forward

A judge has ruled against halting Alexandria's waterfront redevelopment plans.

Traffic Changes Underway To Accommodate Cherry Blossoms

Traffics patterns around the Tidal Basin will be temporarily altered to accommodate the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival.

Senators Face House-Approved Small Business Bill

Some senators are expected to feel a bit of frustration when they face the House-passed JOBS Act later this week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Virginia Could Miss Deadline For Health Care Exchanges

Under the new rules for Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, all states will be required to operate health-care exchanges, but Virginia may miss the deadline.

Obama Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

President Obama joined in the St. Patrick's Day festivities with a Guinness at a crowded bar near Union Station.

Prince George's County To Hold Town Hall On Jobs Bill

Prince George's County Council members are holding a town hall meeting Monday evening to discuss the benefits of the recently passed Jobs First Act.

Virginia Passes Bill For Convenient Chemo Treatment

The Virginia House and Senate passed a bill allowing for a more convenient form of chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

Caesar's Entertainment Supports Prince George's County Casino

An entertainment company seeking to build a casino in downtown Baltimore is supporting plans for a Prince George's County casino, even though they feel it'll hurt their own business.

Police Increase DUI Patrols And Checkpoints For St. Patrick's Day

Drivers can expect additional DUI patrols and checkpoints during today's St. Patrick's Day festivities around the region.

Fairfax County Student Told To Read Poem 'Blacker'

School administrators in Fairfax County are looking into accusations that a teacher forced the only African-American student in a classroom to read a poem "blacker."

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wave Of Crimes Against LGBT Community Worries Activists

Three crimes in the past week against members of the LGBT community have activists concerned about a repeat of the the spate of hate crimes that marred the District last year.

New Pedestrian Safety Program Launched In Ocean City

Ocean City is debuting three new highly-visible sidewalk markings to prevent pedestrian accidents, particularly this weekend when the city plays host to a St. Patrick's Day parade.