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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Analysis: Federal Cuts Unlikely To Be Addressed Before November

The D.C. region is affected more than most by the $55 billion in automatic defense cuts set to take effect next year. Alex Bolton, senior staff writer for The Hill, doesn't see any solution emerging before the election.

Plan For Riverdale Park Whole Foods Approved By County

The Prince George's County council voted 7 to 2 in favor of a plan that would allow for the construction of a Whole Foods Market in the mixed use development at Riverdale Park.

Asteroid Named For Astronomer, Gay Rights Pioneer Frank Kameny

It's been decided that an asteroid will be named after Frank Kameny, a government astronomer who was fired for being gay and later turned into a prominent gay rights activist.

Virginia's College Saving Plan Strained By Rising Tuition

Virginia has the largest pre-paid college savings program in the country, but participation is waning as the cost of tuition continues to skyrocket.

Montgomery County Police Investigate Rape In Area Park

Police are asking the public to come forward with information, after a young woman was attacked behind the Hadley Farms community pool in Gaithersburg, Md. on Monday.

USGS To Survey Underground Faults In Southern Virginia

The underground faults in southern Virginia responsible for last August's 5.8 magnitude earthquake are under scrutiny by scientists utilizing low-flying planes.

Breathalyzers Could Be Back In D.C. Next Month

D.C. is expected to pass legislation today that would restart the District's breathalyzer program for drunk driver testing and lower the threshold for drunk driving among commercial vehicle drivers.

Washington Monument Could Be Closed For Repairs Until 2014

The National Park Service is ready to move ahead on repairs to the Washington Monument after an earthquake damaged it in August of 2011, but it means bad news for tourists. 

VDOT Compromises On E-ZPass Fees

Current E-ZPass users in Virginia won't immediately be slapped with new fees being proposed by the Virginia Department of Transportation, but the surcharges will apply to new customers and new tags.

Gay Rights Advocates Get Support Of Latino Groups In Marriage Campaign

Latino groups around the country are supporting a campaign to increase acceptance of gay rights and same-sex marriage among Hispanic Americans. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, July 10

Afro Blue and America like you've never seen her before.

Battle Between D.C. Restaurant And Neighbors Continues

A public hearing is scheduled this week dealing with a dispute between a D.C. restaurant owner and neighbors over noise.

D.C. Council To Vote On Capital Gains Tax Breaks

D.C. Council votes on a bill Tuesday that would offer tax breaks and assistance to local start-ups like LivingSocial to stay in District.

Repairs May Close Monument Until 2014

The Washington Monument may be closed until 2014, due to repairs needed from the damage caused during last summer's earthquake.

D.C. Activists Push For Campaign Finance Reform

A group of activists cleared a major hurdle in campaign finance reform, but more work still needs to be done.