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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wilson Bridge Done At Last, But Miles More To Go

Transportation officials from two states celebrated the completion of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project yesterday, but the larger question of how the D.C. region will best expand all of its transportation options remains up for debate.

Virginia Elections Board Won't Investigate Voter Registration Nonprofit

The Virginia Board of Elections has opted not to investigate mailings sent to state residents by a D.C.-based nonprofit after the Romney campaign had called for the investigation after reports of the mailings being sent to ineligible voters. 

Montgomery County Gets $40M For Walter Reed Transportation Improvements

Montgomery County will get $40 million to make transportation improvements around the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, an area which has seen increased traffic since Walter Reed merged with the National Naval Medical Center there. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Drought Warning Issued For Most Of Eastern Shore

Lower than usual levels of rainfall have prompted the Maryland Department of the Environment to issue a drought warning for much of the Eastern Shore.

Local Sikh Community Reacts To Wisconsin Shootings

The Sikh community is still struggling to process the deadly shootings that killed six of their own on Sunday. Local leaders from the community try to offer support and answers.

Program Looks To Attract New Farmers To Montgomery County

A new program being proposed in Montgomery County would offer mentorships for new farms just starting up in the area, and also match up would-be farmers with land owners looking to lease.

Generators Cited For Baltimore Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

Nearly 60 people were sickened early Monday with carbon monoxide poisoning, which firefighters are now attributing to generators.

Maryland Casino Returning Slots, Citing Declining Revenue

The casino in Perryville, Md. is returning a third of their 1,500 slot machines to the state, saying that the new casino in Anne Arundel County is siphoning off their revenues.

Lane Openings Unencumber Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Motorists finally got to see the fruits of the $2.5 billion Woodrow Wilson Bridge improvement project on Monday, with five lanes going in each direction doing much to alleviate the traffic bottleneck.

Virginia Legislator Confronts Virginia's Dark History Of Eugenics

On the 85th anniversary of a Supreme Court ruling upholding Virginia's eugenics law, a delegate in the commonwealth is calling for compensation for victims of forced sterilization.

'The Town That Fooled The British' In The War of 1812, Prepares For Bicentennial

While the War of 1812 is often overshadowed by other national conflicts, St. Michaels  prepares to bring its role in the war to life for the bicentennial celebration in 2013.

Senate Committee Reaches Deal On Tax Credits Before Recess

Before leaving town for a month, Senate lawmakers managed to cobble together a bipartisan compromise on tax credits, but it's unclear if it would gain any traction in the House. 

Congress Leaves For Recess Without 'Cleaning House'

Congressional lawmakers are officially on August recess, but some local representatives are criticizing their peers for leaving town with so much unfinished business still on the table.

Preservationists Eye Historic Impact Of Union Station Upgrade

Preservationists are concerned that plans for the expansion of Union Station will affect its historic and cultural character. 

More People Biking To Metro Means A Need For More Bike Racks

The number of people bicycling to Metro has increased in the past year, and now WMATA officials are looking at how to increase