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Friday, August 10, 2012

Analysis: Maryland Gaming Expansion, D.C. Property Tax Reductions, Possible D.C. 2024 Olympics Bid

As a special session continues Friday on whether Maryland should expand gaming, D.C. mayor and council seek to discover why some property taxes for commercial buildings downtown were reduced.

Police Looking For Man Targeting Boys In Northwest

A man is making overtures toward young boys in Northwest D.C, police say. There were three incidents reported this week. 

AARP Poll: Older Voters Bemoan Partisan Gridlock In Washington

Voters over the age of 50 are concerned about issues one might expect: Medicare, Social Security and retirement. But they're also bothered by ongoing partisan gridlock in Washington, according to a new AARP poll.

Virginia Finds 10,000 Dead People On Voter Registration Lists

Virginia is methodically examining voter registration rolls to remove names of people that are now deceased — about 10,000 names in all, according to elections officials.

Maryland Tourism Increased In 2011

Maryland tourism increased by 7 percent in 2011, something Gov. Martin O'Malley says helped employ 130,000 people in the state's tourism-related industries.

Athletes Bring Lucky Charms — And Superstition — To Field

Olympic athletes — and athletes of all stripes — have their share of superstitions. But while they may put those athletes in the right mental space, sports psychologists say there's no substitute for practice, practice, practice.

Maryland, Virginia Still In Top 20 Power Plant Polluters

Maryland and Virginia are still in the top 20 most polluting states when it comes to power plants, according to one environmental group's rankings, but Maryland improved last year while Virginia's ranking increased. 

This Week On Metro Connection: Looking Back

We're turning back the clock and casting a glance in the rear view mirror as we look back on the personal and cultural history of Washington and Washingtonians.

Evolution And Paths Cut Short

Environment reporter Sabri Ben-Achour heads to the National Zoo to find out why 99.99% of everything that has ever lived has been wiped off the evolutionary map.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Democrats Enlist Universities For Voter Registration

Democrats are calling on colleges and universities to help them get out the vote by encouraging students to register, after the youth vote proved so vital in 2008.

Maryland Senate To Vote On Gaming Bill Friday

As expected, a bill that would expand gaming in Maryland made it through committee Thursday, clearing the way for a full vote in the State Senate and consideration by the General Assembly.

School Enrollment Up In Virginia, Straining Resources

There are more students packed into Virginia public schools than ever, even as school budgets have been frozen in place, leaving administrators scrambling to plug the gaps.

Virginia's 'Blonde Bandit' Gets 11 Years

The so-called "Blonde Bandit," responsible for a slate of bank robberies around the D.C. area, will be charged in court.

Mosquitoes In D.C. Test Positive For West Nile Virus

While West Nile Virus cases are up nationwide, and mosquitoes in D.C.  have tested postive for the virus,  no human cases have been confirmed in the area.

Gov. McDonnell Touts Virginia's Slowed Tuition Hikes

Tuition increases in Virginia will be able 4.6 percent for the commonwealth's public universities, a far cry from the double-digit tuition increases in the last decade.