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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

National Zoo Shows Off 'Animaletes'

The Smithsonian National Zoo is hosting the "National Zoo Games" for several of the park's creatures to coincide with the opening of the summer Olympic Games in London tomorrow.

Amtrak Unveils $7B Vision To Revamp Union Station

An overhaul is in the works for D.C.'s bustling Union Station. Amtrak unveiled a $7 billion plan to modernize the station's platforms and retail areas, but were not forthcoming with specifics on how they would fund the project.

Montgomery, Fairfax Counties Hold First Ever Joint Meeting

For the first time ever, representatives of Montgomery and Fairfax Counties sat down to discuss their shared interest in seeing the American Legion Bridge, which connects the two, expanded.

Virginia Voter Registration Forms Miss Their Mark

A D.C.-based nonprofit attempted to do good work by circulating pre-printed Virginia voter registration forms, but they've run into complaints after many were sent to dead people or family pets.

Maryland Eliminating Zero Tolerance Policy For Student Discipline

The Maryland Board of Education has voted to move away from a zero tolerance discipline policy for students in the state,

VDOT Rolls Out E-ZPass Flex Devices For New HOV Lanes

The new Capital Beltway Express lanes will require a whole new generation of E-ZPass devices, but VDOT officials are assuring drivers it will be a breeze.

Thai Dancers Raise Money To Provide HIV Counseling

A group of current and former Thai sex workers dance at the Global Village to advocate for HIV/AIDS counseling and support services for gay sex workers throughout sex workers.

Puppets Used To Convey HIV, STDs And Other Tough Topics

The Kenyan troupe U-Tena uses theater to promote awareness of HIV, but when things turn to more touchy topics like genital mutilation and rape, the group turns to a pair of puppets.

Redskins Hula Hoop, Run Relays With Kids For 80th Anniversary

Current and past members of the Washignton Redskins football team paid a visit to kids in Silver Spring yesterday as part of their 80th Anniversary Bus Tour.

D.C. Agencies Get Mostly 'C' And 'B' Grades In Pilot Program

D.C. agencies are now being held accountable by a grading system and District residents are handing out the grades.

House Republicans Try To Cut 'Red Tape' In New Bill

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and other House Republicans are hoping to cut the 'red tape' affecting businesses with their Red Tape Reduction Act. 

Alexandria Gets A First Look At Waterfront Hotel Proposal

Alexandria's Archictectural Review Board begins looking at a waterfront hotel proposal tonight, even as the law that would allow hotels along the Potomac River remains mired in court actions.

Report: Many Universities Could Face Financial Problems

At least one-third of the nation's colleges and universities are on a shaky financial path, but Virginia's public institutions are faring pretty well, according to a new report from two higher education consultants.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Analysis: Postal Service Default All But Inevitable

The Postal Service is poised to default unless Congress acts by Aug. 1. As Alex Bolton of The Hill newspaper explains, lawmakers are already past the point of no return.

Furry Lobbyists Capture Hearts On Capitol Hill

A pack of pooches looking for a home took to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to melt some cold Congressional hearts and raise awareness about animals in need of permanent homes.