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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baltimore Jazz Archivist Dies, Leaves Ellington Papers Legacy

Baltimore jazz archivist Ann Byrnes Kuebler, who was known for her work on the Smithsonian's Duke Ellington papers, has died in New Jersey at the age of 61.

D.C.'s Jobless Rate Improves For July

Preliminary state unemployment numbers for July show an improvement in Washington, D.C.'s jobless rate.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Virginia Man Linked To Aryan Group Pleads On Gun Charge

A Manassas man who made headlines a couple years ago for racist license plates has pleaded guilty after a federal investigation discovered he was attempting to illegally modify an AK-47.

Dew Tour In Ocean City Expected To Shatter Attendance Record

With a bigger, more spectacular beach-side venue to show off their extreme sports prowess, organizers are expecting this year's Dew Tour to crush the attendance record set last year.

Three Stations Closed On Red Line This Weekend

Three Metro lines will experience single tracking this weekend, and buses will replace trains along a stretch of the Red Line, as the Metro Forward construction and maintenance continues.

D.C. Area Artists Outraged Over Pussy Riot Verdict

A judge's two-year sentence for the all-girl Russian punk band Pussy Riots has sparked outage from around the world.

Analysis: Maryland Referenda and Virginia's GOP VP Fallout

Maryland's list of referenda are now floating at four, after the gaming bill passed, and as Washington Post columnist Bob McDonnell explains how the dynamics of Virginia politics have shifted after Ryan's VP nod.

Sand Sculptor Creates Art In Ocean City

Sand sculptor Randy Hofman has been making Ocean City a little more beautiful for over 30 years.

FRC President Blames Other Orgs For Shooting

In the aftermath of this week's shooting in D.C., FRC's president, Tony Perkins, is placing the blame at other organizations.

9/11 Motorcycle Ride Expected To Cause Delays

Drivers should expect major gridlock as the 9/11 motorcycle ride heads through Northern Virginia this afternoon.

Maryland And Delaware Partner On Climate Change

The University of Maryland and the University of Delaware are joining forces to educate students about climate change.

Virginia Lottery Winning Big

The Virginia Lottery is feeling lucky, as the state-run gambling system is posting record profits.

Prince George's County Bans Smoking In Public Housing

A new bill passed this summer will prohibit public housing residents in Prince George's County from smoking in communal spaces.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

D.C. To Crack Down On Outdoor Fitness Classes In Public Parks

Most outdoor yoga classes in District parks violate D.C. laws prohibiting commercial activity in public places. Lawmakers are looking at ways to use those classes to generate revenue for the city.

Credit Unions Lure New Customers With Free Gas

Credit unions across the country, including one in College Park, spread the word about their low checking fees by first luring new customers in with free gas.