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Friday, September 14, 2012

Goodbye Dodgeball, Hello Wii Pilates: DCPS Revamps Phys. Ed.

In the District, public schools are changing the way they teach physical education, with a new emphasis on having kids compete against their own individualized fitness goals.

Admissions Officers Demystify The Private School Application Process

Many parents know the anxiety of trying to get their children into one of our region's prestigious private schools. But what does that process look like from inside an admissions office? We find out.

Howard University Opens New Chapter With 'Academic Renewal'

Howard University is in the midst of a sweeping overhaul of its academic programs and departments, as it seeks to become a top research university, while continuing to educate under-served communities.

This Week On Metro Connection: Learning

As students across the region head back to school, we bring you a show about different kinds of learning, from educational to organic to entrepreneurial.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lost Orders That Stymied Confederate Invasion Of Maryland On Display

A century and a half ago, a single misplaced document detailing Confederate battle plans helped the Union army repel a Southern incursion into Maryland.

Maryland PSC Looks To Dominion As Storm Response Model

The Maryland Public Service Commission is reviewing the response of state utilities to June's strong derecho storm, and is looking to Dominion Power as a model for preventative measures and appropriate staffing levels.

Neil Armstrong Remembered At National Cathedral

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was remembered in a memorial service with thousands in attendance at the Washington National Cathedral.

Former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty On Chicago Teachers' Strike: 'Kudos to Rahm'

Former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty sees a lot of parallels between Chicago's current fight with the city's teachers' union and the changes he tried to implement in D.C. during his time as mayor, and he's supporting the Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Prince George's County Begins Redevelopment Efforts

Prince George's County's Transforming Neighborhood Initiative is set to begin today, and will affect 26 apartment buildings in the Coral Hills area.

Reports Detail Health Violations At Virginia Abortion Clinics

An anti-abortion group in Virginia and some of the state's abortion clinics are at odds over public health records that show health and safety violations at the clinic.

D.C. Launches Campaign To Fight Transgender Discrimination

The District is launching a first-of-a-kind campaign to support equal rights for members of the city's transgender community.

Bird Biodiversity Could Be Key To Stopping West Nile

One researcher in Virginia is looking at how increasing biodiversity among birds could actually help stem the spread of West Nile virus.

D.C. Grows 'Five-Minute' Neighborhoods

D.C. is excelling at creating thriving, walkable neighborhoods out of blighted areas, experts say, and the Capitol Riverfront is a prime example.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alexandria Calls For Cooperation For Future Ethanol Spills

Norfolk Southern raised the ire of Alexandria residents last week, when it neglected to notify the city or it's fire department about a 150 gallon ethanol spill. Officials are requesting that the city be kept in the loop.

Fairfax Sees Second Rabid Beaver Attack In A Week

A group of children in Fairfax County was attacked Wednesday morning by a rabid beaver, the second time in a week that humans have had run-ins with sick and aggressive rodents.