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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Virginia House, Senate Each Pass Eminent Domain Bills

Two bills that would change the Virginia Constitution to address eminent domain have passed in various houses of the General Assembly, but each needs approval of the other body before the measures would go on the November ballot.

DCPS Chancellor Talks Enrollment

D.C. Public Schools saw a 1 percent decrease in enrollment this year, mirroring a national trende of lower public school enrollment.

Obama's Budget Holds Good News For Virginia, Maryland

Lawmakers in Virginia and Maryland have found gleaned some good economic news from President Obama's 2013 budget proposal, pending Congressional approval of course.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prosecutors: Maryland Trooper Killed For Revenge

During the second day of the trial of Cyril Cornelius Williams, accused of killing Maryland state trooper Wesley Brown, witnesses at the scene described the circumstances leading up to the alleged revenge killing.

Profanity-Laden Shouting Match Colors D.C. Council Retreat

The D.C. Council met for a retreat at the D.C. Convention Center Wednesday, and the change of setting didn't prevent certain councilmembers from engaging in a shouting match.

O'Malley Finally Unveils Plan To Increase Tax On Gas

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley formally unveiled his plan for a gas tax to fund transportation projects -- it would hit drivers for two percent extra a year for three straight years.

Key Maryland Republican Wavers On Gay Marriage

A key Republican supporter needed to pass a gay marriage bill in Maryland is reportedly wavering in his support

Rash Of Robberies Hits Northwest D.C.

D.C. police are saying there may be a connection between a number of armed robberies that have taken place recently in Northwest D.C.

Virginia House GOP Passes Abortion Restrictions

The Virginia House has approved two bills that could have far-reaching effects in the commonwealth -- one requiring ultrasounds prior to abortions and another establishing personhood at the time of conception.

Virginia Bill Would Move Teachers To Contracts

A bill now moving to the Virginia state senate would restrict teachers to limited-term contracts, subject to evaluation every three years.

Infectious Virus Found In Maryland Amphibians

Scientists are investigating a highly infectious virus that has made its way into Maryland's waterways and infected salamanders, tadpoles, and turtles.

Valentine's Day in Dupont Circle

Valentines is blooming from the trees and buildings along 21st street NW between Q and P making Dupont Circle one of the more romantic neighborhoods to walk through this week.

Enrollment In D.C. Public Schools Drops

The number of students enrolled in D.C. public schools went down over the last year, but overall enrollment in the district rose thanks to increased interest in DCPS charter schools.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bethesda Moves Forward With Second Metro Entrance

Montgomery County voted Monday to add funding to the county's construction budget to accomodate a second entrance to the Bethesda Entrance in anticipation of the Purple Line expansion.

Metro Paying $52 Million For Outside Consultants

According to a report, Metro is paying more than $52 million for outside consultants on a range of issues from escalator studies to SmarTrip farecards -- jobs that some say could be performed by existing Metro workers.