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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Area Winter Will Be A White One, Almanac Says

Driven by an El Nino pattern in the Pacific, one of the region's oldest almanacs is forecasting a Winter heavily-laden with snow.

Ellicott City Derailment Caused $2.2M In Damage

The human cost of the Ellicott City train derailment last month is already well known, but a preliminary report by the NTSB identifies the cost in property damage: more than $2 million.

Analysis: Michelle Obama Shines, O'Malley Makes Rounds At DNC

National Journal's Reid Wilson talks about winners and losers from the first night of the Democratic National Convention, and how a third-party candidate could affect the presidential race in Virginia.

At DNC, Kaine Looks To Win Over South For Democrats

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine spoke at yesterday's Democratic National Convention, taking a break from campaigning in his tight Senate race against former Republican Sen. George Allen. 

D.C. Corporate Contributions Petition Won't Be On November Ballot

The group trying to put a proposal banning corporate contributions to D.C. political campaigns on the November ballot will have to wait; with a four-week extension to re-examine some signatures, they won't make the ballot deadline.

Alexandria Council Member Wins Vacant Virginia House Seat

Alexandria City Council member Rob Krupicka celebrated his new title, that of Virginia state selegate, after winning the 45th District seat in a special election Sept. 4.  

DNC 2012 Roundup: Michelle Obama Rallies Crowd

The first night of the Democratic National Convention starred first lady Michelle Obama, as well as lots of talk about abortion and a woman's right to choose, the role of immigration in the U.S. and Swiss bank accounts.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Analysis: O'Malley's Prospects On The Rise, Despite Recent Misstep

The Democratic National Convention is underway in Charlotte, N.C., and Alex Bolton with The Hill newspaper was there to report on Maryland Gov. O'Malley's rising star in the party.

New DCPS Initiative To Provide Incentives For High-Performing Teachers

In an effort to keep the best in teaching talent at home in the District, DCPS has announced a new initiative that gives teachers opportunities for better pay and enhanced responsibility.

MPD Scraps Unit That Investigated Officer-Involved Shootings

Citing a decrease in shootings involving members of the District Police Department, Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced that the unit tasked with investigating such incidents is being reassigned.

Sentencing For Former Gray Aide Postponed

Sentencing for Thomas Gore, the former campaign aide to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray who pleaded guilty to charges earlier this year, has been delayed until Dec. pending the results of the federal investigation.

O'Malley Takes Stage At Democratic National Convention

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley will kick off the 10 p.m. hour of speakers during the Democratic National Convention, and he'll aim to convince voters that President Obama has the better plan for the economy going forward. 

Many Virginia Concealed Carry Permits Going To Out-Of-State Residents

A 2009 Virginia law allows gun owners to attain a concealed carry permit by doing little more than an online test. Now, a growing number of those permits are being issued to residents not from the commonwealth.

Polls Open In Northern Virginia For Special Election

Voters head to the polls in Alexandria for a special election to fill former Del. David Englin's state house seat. 

Constitution Party Candidate Makes Virginia Presidential Ballot

In a blow to Virginia Republicans, conservative Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode has survived a challenge attempting to block his presence on the commonwealth's presidential ballot.