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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Part 3: In Presidential Race, Both Sides Woo Federal Workers

Federal workers are expected to play a big role in deciding swing state Virginia in November's elections. But while many assume Republican rhetoric about smaller government would sway them toward the left, it's not that simple.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Michigan Minister Tapped As Dean Of National Cathedral

A new dean was nominated for the Washington National Cathedral. He was selected in part for his background in the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Democrats All Smiles As Women's Health Care Provisions Kick In

Area Democrats are ecstatic as provisions of the Affordable Care Act take effect Wednesday that will provide preventative health services to women at no cost to those covered by most insurance plans.

Virginia HOV Expansion Begins Next Month On I-95

An expansion that will add more than 29 miles of HOV lanes through Fairfax County is expected to begin next month, according to Virginia transportation officials.

Judge Strikes Down Virginia Resident Requirement For Petitions

A judge found Tuesday that Virginia's law restricting the circulation of ballot petitions to residents of the commonwealth are a burden on freedom of speech and thus struck it down.

NTSB: More Than Fatigue At Play In 2011 Sky Express Crash

Although fatigue has long been cited as the reason for a 2011 Sky Express bus crash that claimed four lives, an NTSB meeting found that the company shouldn't even have been operating to begin with.

Accident In Chevy Chase Claims Life Of Woman

A woman was killed around noon after a car in which she was riding swerved off Connecticut Ave. in Chevy Chase, Md., slamming into a tree. Police shut down the road to investigate the incident.

House Expected To Vote On D.C. Abortion Bill

The House could vote today on a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in the District of Columbia — although the bill's supporters are expected to fall short of the two-thirds majority needed for it to pass.

UMD Study Looks At Perils Of 'Distracted Walking'

Much attention is paid to issues of distracted driving around the country, but a new University of Maryland study is calling attention to the perils of "distracted walking." 

Former D.C. Contracts Director Sues CFO For Defamation

A former D.C. employee is suing the city government for defamation after he was fired in 2009. He is already suing the District for wrongful termination.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Virginia Democrats Angered By Special Election Timing

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell has set the date for the special election to fill Bill Englin's seat on the House of Delegates on Sept. 4, drawing criticism that he did so for overtly political reasons.

ACLU Calls For Transparency On License Plate Readers

Law enforcement agencies across the country utilize license plate readers for a variety of uses, but ACLU affiliates in 35 states are asking for greater transparency in terms of what those uses are.

Virginia Landfills Not A Threat To Drinking Water, DEQ Says

Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality is downplaying concerns that the commonwealth's landfills represent a threat to drinking water, citing siting and safety requirements.

Virginia Reports $129M Surplus For Fiscal 2012

Thanks to increased tax revenues that exceeded initial projections, the Commonwealth of Virginia reported a $129 million surplus for the fiscal year ending in June.

Part 2: D.C. Area Braces For Impacts Of Federal Budget Cuts

There's a new dirty word circulating in federal government and employee circles — "sequestration" — and it's a big word that could carry a lot of big impacts.