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Friday, July 13, 2012

An Artistic Triumph Over Cushing's Disease: J. Jordan Bruns (Originally broadcast December 9, 2011)

Jordan Bruns survived his battle with a rare form of Cushing's disease - but that battle continues to impact his art.

From A To B: Stress On Local Roads And Bridges (Originally broadcast March 2, 2012)

In our weekly transportation segment, we learn about the high-tech equipment used to assess the stress we put on local bridges and roads.

Snakehead Appears On Local Bride's Menu (Originally broadcast April 27, 2012)

Would you like the chicken, the beef... or the snakehead? We find out why one bride has this invasive species on her wedding menu.

A Mom-and-Pop Pharmacy Celebrates 100 Years in Georgetown (Originally broadcast February 24, 2012)

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Morgan's Pharmacy, a local mom-and-pop institution that's still getting by in an era dominated by chain drug stores.

Playing to Win: The D.C. Sled Sharks (Originally broadcast December 9, 2011)

We head out on the ice with the D.C. Sled Sharks: a hockey team for kids who play hard, love to win and just happen to use a wheelchair.

Northern Virginia Father Writes His Way To Hope (Originally broadcast May 11, 2012)

Matt McNeil's new young adult novel, "The Strange Tale of Ben Beesley," is about a fly named Ben who sets out to save his two friends, Waverly and Oliver, from a spider's poisonous venom. But the book is actually part allegory/part memoir, since McNeil's real-life children suffer from MPS III: a rare, degenerative and ultimately terminal genetic condition.

This Week On Metro Connection: Health & Wellness

"An hour of public radio a day keeps the doctor away." We'll test that theory as we bring you some of our favorite stories about health and wellness.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Virginia Lawmakers Encourage Teachers To Use Digital Media In Classrooms

As Virginia lawmakers continue to find ways to improve schools in their state, they encourage educators to think outside the textbook.

House Republicans Vote To Repeal Health Care Law

House Republicans have once again voted to repeal the health care law, but how effective are their efforts?

D.C. Uses More Green Alleys To Prevent Flooding

The District is getting more green alleys to help control water pollution and flooding.

Wastewater Used To Calculate Ocean City Population

Ocean City officials are using an unusual method to determine the number of people in town--a method that involves the amount of wastewater that runs through pipes.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Commentary: District Marriage Laws Should Get With The Times

While Maryland voters will soon decide whether same-sex couples can get hitched, marriage laws in the District suffer a much more basic problem – restrictions on who can officiate weddings.

Area Lawmakers Weigh In On Another Health Care Vote

Republican lawmakers in the House held what, by some counts, is the 32nd attempt to repeal some or all of the healthcare law upheld by the Supreme Court last month.

Investigation Begins Into 911 System Failure

Tens of thousands of area residents could not access the regional 911 system in the wake of strong storms in late June, prompting an investigation into what went awry.

Cleaner Water In Virginia Rivers, Runoff Still Problematic

According to environmental groups, Virginia is taking significant steps towards cleaning its waterways, but urban runoff continues to get worse, despite attempts to address it.