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Monday, July 16, 2012

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Expansion Gets Approval

Organizers have gotten preliminary approval for construction of a new education center at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which include an extensive underground element.

Virginia Makes Progress On NCLB Waiver

Amidsts concerns about meeting goals set by No Child Left Behind, Virginia education officials are working on new standards that would allow them attain a two-year waiver from federal standards.

Renewed Chance In Maryland For Special Session On Gambling

Talks continue in Maryland regarding a second special session this summer to vote on an expansion to gaming in the state, with O'Malley giving better than 50-50 odds that it will happen.

Inmates Assist With Maryland House Of Correction Demolition

With the help of inmates, Maryland officals are preparing to tear down a 130-year-old prison that was closed in 2007.

Analysis: Pressure Builds On Capitol Hill To Avoid Defense Spending Cuts

Although cuts would trigger in January, unless Congress acts, many defense contractors will have to send out layoff notices to employees before the November election.

Obama Pushes To Let Bush-Era Tax Cuts Expire

Obama's proposal to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire is anticipated to come for a vote in the Senate before summer recess.

Metro Meets With Local Leaders To Discuss Safety

Metro officials are meeting with Maryland senators and congressmen today to discuss the agency's safety standards.

MARC Brunswick Line Begins New Schedule

After over 10 years, the Maryland Transit Authority is making its first major modification to the Brunswick Line.

Metro Ramps Up Staff After Systemwide Shutdown

Metro plans to have additional staff on hand for Monday morning's commute after a computer issue shut down the entire transit system twice over the weekend.

Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, July 16

Recycled wheels in the D.C. Sky, classic films on the D.C. green, and a fresh take on the rock doc.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

House Ahead Of Senate On Spending Bills

This week the U.S. House will take up its seventh spending bill for the year, but the Senate has yet to act on any, and Senate leaders don't seem to have plans to do so.

D.C. To Take On 'Arrogant' Uber Again

The Internet-based car service, Uber, recently escaped regulation, but it might not be so lucky next time.

Republicans Upset Over Pentagon's Tactic To Save Money

The Pentagon is trying to save money by limiting the number of document pages it sends to Congress, which has Republican lawmakers upset.

Systemwide Failure Shuts Down Metro

A computer issue halted service on all Metrorail lines for about an hour Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

States Improve In Decreasing Wastewater Into The Bay

States that have rivers feeding into the Chesapeake Bay are making progress, according to the latest numbers from two non-profits.