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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Historic Boat 'The Georgetown' In Its Final Days

A historic mule-drawn boat in Georgetown's canals is not long for this world, after giving residents and tourists a glimpse into the area's past for decades.

Petition To Oust Corporate Donations Falls Short Of D.C. Ballot

A petition to get corporate money out of D.C. politics fell short, and activists will need to make up more than 1,700 of the signatures that the Board of Elections tossed to get the issue on the ballot.

Maryland Voter Registration Goes Online

New voters in Maryland will now be able to turn to the web in order to register to vote, as the Maryland Board of Elections launched their new Online Voter Registration system Wednesday.

Virginia White Supremacist Ordered To Take Psych Eval

William A. White, former head of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, has been ordered by a judge to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after attempting to flee the country.

Man Arrested For Abducting, Assaulting Girl In Hyattsville

Police arrested 25-year-old Charles Amofa just 30 minutes after he abducted a six-year-old from a thift store in Hyattsville, Md. and sexually assaulted her.

O'Malley Outlines Proposal For Special Session On Gaming

Gov. Martin O'Malley has laid out his proposal ahead of time for a special session of Maryland's General Assembly starting Friday, that will address an expansion of gaming in the state.

D.C. Resident Orders TV, Gun Delivered Instead

MPD is trying to help a Northeast D.C. resident figure out why a semi-automatic assault rifle — which he hadn't ordered — delivered to his doorstep.

FBI Investigating D.C. Tax Office After Spike In Settlements

The FBI is investigating tax assessments that were reduced by approximately $2.6 billion by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue, according to a Washington Post report.

Montgomery County Residents Target Pepco, PSC, At Hearing

Pepco wasn't the only one under fire at a Maryland Public Service Commission hearing on the company's storm response last night; the commissioners themselves became a target of Montgomery County residents' ire.

Coaches Prepare For New Preseason Heat Rules In Maryland

Pre-season high school sports practices are about to begin, and coaches and other researchers are preparing to implement new rules in Maryland that help athletes avoid heat-related illnesses during the hottest months. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Analysis: Public Gets Its Say On Pepco Policy At PRC Hearings

The Maryland Public Service Commission is holding meetings this week to hear from area Pepco customers. Maryland reporter Matt Bush expects that the public will take the utility to task, but doesn't expect the PRC to act until next year.

Virginia Lawmakers Conspicuously Silent In Gun Debate

In the wake of two deadly shooting in the last several weeks, many lawmakers on Capitol Hill are refusing to even have the conversation about changing U.S. gun laws.

UMD Student Pleads Guilty To Charges Stemming From Violent Threats

After posting threats to go on a shooting spree, University of Maryland student Alexander Song has pleaded guilty to minor charges.

Voters Face Stark Choice In Virginia Special Election

The race for the House of Delegates seat in Virginia' 45th district is heating up — Republican Tim McGhee and Democrat Rob Krupicka are a study in contrasts.

Ground Broken On I-95 HOT Expansion In Virginia

Groundbreaking has begun on an expansion of the high-occupancy toll lanes on the I-95 corridor in northern Virginia, which will sport a similar private-partnership to the soon-to-be-completed 495 HOT Expansion.