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Friday, May 18, 2012

Outspoken Chinese Artist-Activist's Work Comes To D.C.

Artist Ai Weiwei has made headlines for his outspoken criticism of the Chinese government. But some say his art is about much more than just politics.

Georgetown Restaurant Aims to be Global Melting Pot

We have a bite at a new Georgetown restaurant that aims to fuse "modern American" cooking with influences from around the globe.

Working as a Waitress, Dreaming of a Career in Medicine

Fernanda Fortiz is a U.S. citizen but spent most of her childhood in El Salvador. These days, she's juggling college studies with a waitressing job and caring for her teenage sister.

Door to Door: Wheeler Creek, D.C., and Centreville, Va.

This week, we visit Wheeler Creek in Southeast D.C., and Centreville, Va.

From A To B: How Does D.C.'s Transit Stack Up Locally?

We tour our region to ask how we stack up to cities in Europe and Asia when it comes to getting commuters where they need to go.

From Anacostia To The Atlantic: How Our Trash Travels

The plastic that gets tossed into local rivers can travel hundreds or even thousands of miles before becoming part of a swirling eddy of trash in the Atlantic Ocean.

Cameroonian Musician Brings Afropop and Afrobeat to D.C.

Bass player Aristide Zogdoule has played for audiences in Indonesia, Singapore and Belgium, but now calls Washington, D.C., his home.

Soccer Goes International In D.C.

Soccer is much more than a pick-up game for this international group of players in D.C.

'Third Culture' Kids Straddle International, American Identities

We visit a D.C. school whose 920 students hail from more than 60 countries.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Virginia Delegate Looks To Bring Up GPS Tracking Bill Again

One Virginia legislator is pushing once again to put restrictions on GPS tracking of people without their consent. 

Digging Into The History Of Mexico's Grim Santa Muerte

A Virginia scholar is looking into the lore surrounding Mexico's folk hero, Santa Muerte. The skeleton lady is now worshipped on both sides of the country's drug war, and her popularity is spreading into the U.S.

Fairfax Police Seek Coin Thief

A coin collection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was stolen from an elderly couple's car in Northern Virginia this week; authorities are seeking any information in the case. 

Norton Denied From Speaking At D.C. Abortion Hearing

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton is haranguing House Republicans for denying her request to speak at a hearing on regulating abortions in the District. 

Broccoli Is The Best Medicine?

Some healthy food advocates hope a new D.C. pilot program that allows patients to buy an apple a day really will keep the doctor away.