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Friday, July 27, 2012

Growing Up, Not Giving Up: Young People Confront Challenges Of HIV

In the second part of our series on children with HIV, we look at some of the physical, psychological and emotional challenges for young people living with the disease.

From A To B: Virginians Debate How To Handle Traffic At Manassas Battlefield

As Civil War re-enactors prepare for the 150th anniversary of the Second Battle of Manassas, smart growth advocates are fighting a proposal to build a four-lane highway that would run along the western edge of the battlefield property.

Congregations Open Doors To Neighbors Of Differing Faiths

People of different faiths are increasingly sharing worship space as rents rise and congregations shrink.

Struggling Monks Partner With Farming Neighbors To Stay On Solid Ground

Rebecca Sheir continues her series on Virginia's Holy Cross Abbey, a 62-year-old Trappist monastery whose future hangs in the balance. This time, we explore the monks' new farming partnership with their neighbors across the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This Week On Metro Connection: Friends And Neighbors

We bring you a bevy of stories about the roles our neighbors play in our lives — whether it's across the back fence, in the church pew, or on the basketball court.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Special Election For Englin's Seat Scheduled For Sept. 4

Some in Northern Virginia were surprised to hear that the governor wants to hold a special election to replace Del. David Englin September 4, just two months before the general election.

At Vietnam Vets Memorial, Green Grass Aplenty

Some of the best-manicured grass in the region can be found around the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall — thanks to dedicated volunteers and generous private donors.

D.C.'s Traditional Public Schools Show Achievement Gains

Standardized test scores were up almost across the board in D.C.'s traditional public schools this year, according to the latest results. Students in charter schools did not fare quite as well, however.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

National Zoo Shows Off 'Animaletes'

The Smithsonian National Zoo is hosting the "National Zoo Games" for several of the park's creatures to coincide with the opening of the summer Olympic Games in London tomorrow.

Amtrak Unveils $7B Vision To Revamp Union Station

An overhaul is in the works for D.C.'s bustling Union Station. Amtrak unveiled a $7 billion plan to modernize the station's platforms and retail areas, but were not forthcoming with specifics on how they would fund the project.

Montgomery, Fairfax Counties Hold First Ever Joint Meeting

For the first time ever, representatives of Montgomery and Fairfax Counties sat down to discuss their shared interest in seeing the American Legion Bridge, which connects the two, expanded.

Virginia Voter Registration Forms Miss Their Mark

A D.C.-based nonprofit attempted to do good work by circulating pre-printed Virginia voter registration forms, but they've run into complaints after many were sent to dead people or family pets.

Maryland Eliminating Zero Tolerance Policy For Student Discipline

The Maryland Board of Education has voted to move away from a zero tolerance discipline policy for students in the state,

VDOT Rolls Out E-ZPass Flex Devices For New HOV Lanes

The new Capital Beltway Express lanes will require a whole new generation of E-ZPass devices, but VDOT officials are assuring drivers it will be a breeze.

Thai Dancers Raise Money To Provide HIV Counseling

A group of current and former Thai sex workers dance at the Global Village to advocate for HIV/AIDS counseling and support services for gay sex workers throughout sex workers.