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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Lawmakers Begin 'Freshman Orientation' On Capitol Hill

Freshman members of Congress head to orientation this week, learning the rules of the game on Capitol Hill while they interview staff members and jockey for office space.

Homeless College Students Cope With Needing A Home Over Winter Break

Not all college students look forward to winter break with equal anticipation; for thousands of homeless college students, the stress of where to go over university holidays can be worse than a full courseload.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ocean City's Pier To Get Post-Hurricane Facelift

The destruction of the Ocean City pier was one of the more dramatic moments in the D.C. area when Hurricane Sandy made landfall, but efforts are already underway to restore the landmark.

Without New Revenues, Virginia's Transportation Options Limited

Gov. McDonnell praised the public-private partnership that made Virginia's 495 Express Lanes possible at a ribbon cutting Tuesday, but without additional revenues, lawmakers say future projects may not get off the ground.

Bikesharing Expanded In Montgomery Co., Despite Safety Concerns

A path has been cleared in Montgomery County for the expansion of bikesharing programs, after the county council approved two bills that will both provide necessary funding and ease zoning restrictions.

DCPS Announces 20 Proposed School Closings Across Six Wards

A plan was announced today to shutter 20 DCPS schools across six District wards. School Chancellor Kaya Henderson says its a necessary measure to address under-performing and under-utilized schools.

Superstorm Sandy Causes Shortage Of Large Christmas Trees

The supply of giant Christmas trees may be smaller than normal this year, as at least one supplier's crop of trees was devastated by the gale force winds and snow from Superstorm Sandy.

TSA Pushes PreCheck Program Before Holiday Rush

Before the holiday crush at area airports, the TSA is pitching expedited screening processes to frequent fliers, as well as reminding travelers what holiday items are allowed.

Advocacy Groups Call On Virginia Senators To Let Bush-Era Tax Cuts Expire

With the "fiscal cliff" looming next year, a coalition of advocacy groups are calling on Virginia lawmakers to support the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts in the hopes that additional revenue could stave off cuts to social spending.

Norton: D.C. Flag Should Be Flown At Military Ceremonies

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton wants the U.S. military to display the District's flag during official military ceremonies where other states' flags are flown. 

Alleged East Coast Rapist's Plea Deal Is Off

The alleged "East Coast rapist" has backed out of a plea deal this morning after telling a judge in Northern Virginia that he wasn't sure if he knew what he was doing.

Kwame Brown Sentenced To One Day In Jail On Bank Fraud Charged

Former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown was sentenced to one day in prison and six months home detention on a federal bank fraud conviction. He will appear in a different court later today on a campaign finance violation. 

As 495 Express Lanes Open, Advocates Ponder VDOT Funding Picture

Virginia officials will today celebrate the opening of the state's latest transportation infrastructure project, the I-495 Express lanes. But transportation advocates wonder about funding for the next big project. 

Homeless In Ocean City: Worcester County Faces Growing Need

The summer in Ocean City, Md. may be all sunshine and orange crushes, but an increasing number of those who live year-round in the coastal city are struggling with homelessness. One of them, Kenny, shares his story.