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Friday, November 2, 2012

D.C. Dives: JV Restaurant Serves Up Food, Brews And Live Music

In our monthly installment of D.C. Dives, Jerad Walker visits JV Restaurant, an eclectic, family-owned establishment in Falls Church, Va. that's celebrating its 65th year in business.

Latino Influence, Voter Rolls Grow In Battleground Virginia

Researchers say 50,000 Latinos become eligible to vote in the United States every month. And in closely-contested states such as Virginia, this population can greatly influence the electoral outcome.

Remembering The Political Drama of 1912, A Century Later

We'll go back in time to the dramatic presidential race of 1912, and explore the lessons it may hold for our nation's politics a century later.

Politicos Pursue Electoral Victory Through Snail Mail

Television ads and email pleas may dominate political campaigns these days, but good old-fashioned direct mail — much of it crafted here in the District — still plays a role in attempting to sway voters' choices.

Reporter's Diary: Living, Breathing, Covering Super Storm Sandy

We'll pull on our slickers and Wellies and hear what it's like to be the reporter whose job is to brave the driving rain and report on a hurricane.

This Week On Metro Connection: Choices

From the political to the deeply personal, this week we bring you a show all about "Choices."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Live Updates: Election Day Twitter Map

Live updates from the polls and election headquarters on Election Day 2012. 

Stafford County Hunts For Man Involved In Homemade Explosives

A manhunt is underway in Stafford County, Va. for a suspect involved in explosions from homemade bombs at three homes.

Virginia Company Sued For Improperly Training Guards In Iraq

The U.S. is joining a lawsuit against a Reston based company for falsifying documents about training guards in Iraq.

Brad Pitt Agrees To Donate $100,000 To Support Same-Sex Marriage

Brad Pitt will donate $100,000 to support same-sex marriage in Maryland and several other states.

HOT Express Lanes On 495 Set To Open Nov. 17

After four years of construction, the highly anticipated new express lanes on the 495 Beltway are scheduled to open in 17 days.

Transportation Department Audit On MWAA Finds Violations

An audit to be released this morning shows the inner workings of the agency that is running the $6 billion Silver Line rail project to Dulles Airport.

D.C. Extends Hours For Early Voting

The District is also extending early voting hours because of Hurricane Sandy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

District May Temporarily Change Flag To Protest Lack Of Autonomy

District flag2

A bill before the D.C. Council would change the District's flag, if just for one day, to protest the government's lack of autonomy.

Glitch Snags Some Maryland Voters Who Registered Online

The Maryland Board of Elections is sending letters to 186 voters whose online registrations were mishandled due to a glitch in the system.