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Thursday, November 29, 2012

LivingSocial Lays Off 160 D.C. Employees

The online daily deals site LivingSocial has confirmed that it is laying off 400 employees, including 160 in D.C. Early this year, the company received a $36.5 million tax break from the District.

White House Holiday Decorations Revealed, 'Bo-Flakes' Abound

First dog Bo Obama features prominently in some of the holiday decorations around the White House this year and he even attended an event with military families yesterday where children made Bo-themed Christmas tree ornaments. 

Bradley Manning Testifies At WikiLeaks Hearing

Pfc. Bradley Manning is testified Thursday in the pretrial hearing of the WikiLeaks case being held in military court at Fort Meade, Md., describing his thoughts during his confinement.

Natwar Gandhi Claims Wrongful Termination Of Lawsuit

A D.C. government official is claiming his co-worker tried to control the release of public audits, reports the Associated Press.

D.C. Area's Transportation Future: Crowding, Crowding And More Crowding

The D.C. region's council of governments has released its newest long-term transportation forecast, and it doesn't look pleasant — but some local lawmakers say those projections could shift with the right policies.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Geologist Uses Archaeology To Understand Climate Change

Far beneath the bedrock of our region are fossils of microscopic, magnetic bacteria. These fossils date back to an era when our region was a lush tropical forest, and may hold clues for how climate change affects our environment.

Strolling Along D.C.'s Former Newspaper Row

Once upon a time, the newspaper was king — and one of its major thrones was right here in Washington, D.C., on 14th Street NW. Historian and author Paul Dickson takes us there.

Artist's Exhibit Reflects On Loss of Uncle He Never Knew

Local artist Benjamin Bellas' uncle was lost at sea during the Vietnam War, ten years before Bellas was born. In a new exhibit, Bellas digs through maps, slides and his uncle's old uniforms to see what they can tell him about this man he never knew.

Man Takes Lessons From Brother's Life And Mysterious Death

When Dan Sullivan's brother, Tom, died of a strange disease at age 30, Dan began to reflect on the lessons Tom communicated before he passed away.

Drivers, Bicyclists Say New Bike Lanes Lead To Mixed Signals

The latest major bike project in downtown D.C. has some residents wondering if the city did enough to communicate the unusual new design.

Do You Speak D.C.? Georgetown Linguists Study Washington-Area Language

Georgetown University's Language and Communication in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area Project is using hundreds of interviews to determine whether Washingtonians have their own special way of talking — and if so, what that says about our city's ever-changing social, cultural and racial landscapes.

This Week On Metro Connection: Communication

This week's Metro Connection is about communication — from the language we speak to the mixed signals we send.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Virginia Beach Requests State Funds For NBA Bid

The Commonwealth of Virginia is being asked to commit to kicking in more than $150 million towards the relocation of an unnamed NBA franchise to Virginia Beach.

Maryland Comptroller: Online Shopping 'Unpatriotic'

Peter Franchot, Maryland state comptroller, called on state residents to support local businesses instead of giving in to the temptation of online shopping, which skirts state sales taxes.

Analysis: Bolling's Exit Sets Up 'Clash Of The Titans'

National Journal Hotline's Reid Wilson breaks down the predicted Virginia governors' race after the announcement from Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling that he will not seek the GOP nomination for the seat.