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Friday, November 2, 2012

Alexandria Begins Public Outreach To Improve City's Parks

The City of Alexandria wants its residents to tell them what to do with its parks.

Man Sentenced For Plotting To Blow Up Pentagon, Capitol

A Massachusetts man has been sentenced to 17 years for his role in plotting to blow up the Pentagon and Capitol.

Ohio Is A Battleground If Republicans Take Virginia

Many have predicted that the presidential race will come down to Ohio, but that's only if Republicans can take Virginia.

Polio Survivor And Doctor Chooses New Path

Dr. Lauro Halstead is retiring from his job treating patients who survived polio - an experience he himself lived through after contracting the disease in 1954.

Dreamers Ditch Day Jobs To Pursue Their Passions

We hear the stories of two Washingtonians who, despite the economy's continued sluggishness, decided to give up good jobs to pursue their dream gigs.

D.C. Dives: JV Restaurant Serves Up Food, Brews And Live Music

In our monthly installment of D.C. Dives, Jerad Walker visits JV Restaurant, an eclectic, family-owned establishment in Falls Church, Va. that's celebrating its 65th year in business.

Latino Influence, Voter Rolls Grow In Battleground Virginia

Researchers say 50,000 Latinos become eligible to vote in the United States every month. And in closely-contested states such as Virginia, this population can greatly influence the electoral outcome.

Remembering The Political Drama of 1912, A Century Later

We'll go back in time to the dramatic presidential race of 1912, and explore the lessons it may hold for our nation's politics a century later.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

With Margins Close In Virginia, Goode Could Prove The Presidential Spoiler

virgil goode

Recent polls show President Obama and Gov. Romney neck and neck in Virginia, which is elevating the status of Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode to potential spoiler.

Bike-Vehicle Collisions On The Rise In Montgomery County

Bicycle riders have the right to use the road in the absence of a bike lane, though many motorists don't know or respect this — a fact that Montgomery County is trying to address with new signs.

Six-Day Sentence Sought For Former D.C. Council Chair Kwame Brown

Prosecutors are asking a judge to sentence former D.C. Council Chair Kwame Brown to six days in jail followed by three years of supervised release for his guilty plea to bank fraud and campaign finance violations.

UVA's Bjoring Center Shines Historic Spotlight On WWII Nurses

Overworked and using medical equipment that would shock practicing professionals today, the nurses who joined the effort in the Second World War are remembered in the Bjoring Center's fascinating historical archives.

Georgetown ANC Candidate Could Become Youngest Openly-Gay Elected Official

A 20-year-old candidate running unopposed for the Advisory Neighborhood Council in the District may soon become the youngest openly-gay elected official in the country.

StoryCorps: Anne Thomas On Trusting Intuition And Not Being Limited By A Wheelchair

Anne Thomas wonders whether she would have escaped a life in a wheelchair if she had heeded her intuition, but says her experiences have given her strength and drive that she might not have otherwise had.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Local Doctor Blends Medicine And Music

Chevy Chase resident Phillip Pearl has two great passions: medicine and music. And he's managed to pursue successful careers in both domains.