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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lawmakers See Rise In Super PACs

Lawmakers will face a new breed of lobbyists when they return from the holiday break this week.

Three Injured In State Department Fire

Three people suffered serious injuries, one of them life threatening, after a fire broke out at the State Department Saturday morning.

Post-Thanksgiving Travel Congestion Ahead

The American Automobile Association says Sunday and Monday will be high traffic days, as people begin returning home from the holiday break.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Decade-Old Lawsuit Of IMF And World Bank Protesters To Resume

A mass arrest from September 2002 of about 400 demonstrators in protest of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank will continue next week.

Water Quality Of Coastal Bays Declining

The water quality of coastal bays around Ocean City and Assateague Island are declining.

Homes Sinking In Baltimore's Fells Point

Baltimore officials are investigating the cause of two sinking homes in Fells Point.

'Small Business Saturday' Aims To Drive Local Economy

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't the only deal-packed days... there's also Small Business Saturday.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Maryland Walmart Employees Take Part In Nationwide Walkout

Walmart employees across the country are participating in walkouts to protest benefits and hours extending to Thanksgiving. In the D.C. area, only one store appears to have seen a protest.

Virginia Restricts Out-Of-State Deer Kills, Citing Disease

Concerns about chronic wasting disease have forced Virginia to restrict how much deer that hunters can bring back into the commonwealth from areas like Pennsylvania.

Annual ZooLights Display Begins This Weekend

The National Zoo will be lit up by more than 500,000 lights for the holiday season, as the ZooLights display begins this weekend.

Virginia's Winter Crabbing Season Extended Two Weeks

Crab fisherman in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay are being allowed two extra weeks of fishing time this year to compensate for the heavy disruption to the season caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Sinking Homes In Baltimore Prompt Investigation

Several homes in Baltimore reported sinking several inches this week, putting out families as officials fear it made lead to houses collapsing.

Local Officials Welcome Black Friday Bump

Officials in Montgomery County aren't opposed to the economic bump offered by Black Friday sales, but they say attention still needs to be paid to area homelessness.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving At Fillmore: Silver Spring Venue Gives Back

The Fillmore in Silver Spring spent part of its day giving back to the community by offering a free Thanksgiving — not to mention some live entertainment — for the community's needy residents. 

Native Americans Still Pay Tribute To Va. Governor In Centuries-Old Tradition

The tradition of Native American tribes offering a tribute to the governor of Virginia continues on, despite fewer and fewer tribe members participating.