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Monday, November 5, 2012

Long Night Ahead For Candidates As Virginia Takes To Polls

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Virginia is deadlocked heading into Election Day, and with the margins in the Presidential and Senate races expected to be small, Tuesday might be a long day for the candidates.

O'Malley: Don't Count On Polls, Get Out To Vote

While signs point to victory for Maryland governor Martin O'Malley on same-sex marriage and the DREAM Act, he cautioned supporters not to let promising poll numbers keep them from the ballot box.

Wells, Cheh Question Move To Lower Speed Camera Fines

Mayor Vincent Gray's move to lower fines for those caught by the District's speed cameras took D.C. Council members by surprise, as they had been exploring similar legislation.

Opposition To Early Voting In Virginia Goes Back Centuries

The lack of true early voting in Virginia has roots that go back through much of political history. The story is much the same as it is now — one party feels the other stands to gain more by its addition.

Analysis: Rallies Galore As Virginia Goes Down To The Wire

Both the Presidential and Senate races in Virginia are too close to call, according to David Hawkings of CQ Daily Roll Call, which means the commonwealth is the scene of many a rally over the next 24 hours.

After Sandy, Thousands In Garrett County Still Without Power

The effects of Sandy have mostly abated in the D.C. area, but out in western Maryland, as many as 3,900 homes remain without power after Superstorm Sandy dumped feet of snow on them.

Live Blog: Election 2012 News, Around The Region

The latest election 2012 news, updates and results from the polls, election headquarters and campaign offices.

Dominion Proposes New Natural Gas Power Plant

Dominion Virginia Power is asking the state corporation commission if it can build a new $1.3 billion natural gas power plant in Brunswick County.

Parkmobile: Fee Hike Isn't Fault Of Durbin Amendment

Parkmobile, the company that runs D.C.'s pay-by-phone system, is apologizing for blaming a recent fee increase on a piece of federal legislation. 

Tracking Congressional Staffers On The Campaign Trail

Congress is in recess for the election, which frees up lots of staffers to join the campaign trail — but one watchdog group wonders whether that crossover crosses a line.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maryland Voters Face Long Ballot On Election Day

In addition to federal and local elections, Maryland voters will also decide on seven statewide ballot questions.

Arlington Parents Concerned Over Concentration Of Poverty In Schools

As school leaders in Arlington County are preparing to draw new elementary school boundaries, some parents are calling on the school board to take action on the concentration of poverty in schools on the south side of the county.

D.C. Lowers Fines For Speed Camera Tickets

Some of the fines D.C. drivers pay for getting caught while speeding in the District are becoming cheaper.

Maryland Sees Increase In Early Voter Turnout

Nearly twice as many Maryland residents voted early this year compared to past years.

Montgomery County Residents Petition For Later High School Hours

Thousands of Montgomery County residents are petitioning for county high schools to begin later in the day.