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Friday, December 14, 2012

Door To Door: Logan Circle And Benning Heights, D.C.

This time, we visit Logan Circle in Northwest D.C., and Benning Heights in Southeast D.C.

The 'Bishop's House' Makes The Season Merry And Very, Very Bright

Every holiday season, members of the United House of Prayer for all People go all-out, decorating the home of their bishop with hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights. The lighting tradition grew out of a dark period in D.C. history, after the riots in 1968.

Washington Revels Celebrate Thirty Years Of Song And Dance

The Washington Revels are back with their annual holiday blowout, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary as a beloved D.C. institution.

Washingtonians Bridge The Gap Between Jewish, Christian Traditions

When one parent is Christian and the other is Jewish, creating a religious life for your family can be complicated — but some local families are finding a way to embrace both traditions.

From South Africa To West Texas: Local Family Blends Multiple Traditions

We'll meet a local family that's blending Indian, South African and Texas traditions, and learning to appreciate the past in new ways.

D.C. Gigs: Building (And Rebuilding) The National Cathedral

Our D.C. Gigs series continues as we tour the National Cathedral with a mason who helped build the iconic building, and is now helping with its repair.

District Schools Toss Out Traditional Methods of Teaching Math

The District is joining more than 40 states in replacing old ways of teaching math with new "Common Core" standards.

Friday Night Lights: Family Keeps Sabbath In 21st-Century Way

Ann Sablosky and Stephen Rockower have found a decidedly high-tech way to preserve their family's religious traditions even as their children have moved to far-flung corners of the globe.

'Stories From The Kitchen' Brings Homeless Residents' Stories To The Stage

A D.C. theater and a 29-year-old day shelter are launching a brand new tradition: one that brings stories of the homeless to the professional stage.

This Week On Metro Connection: Traditions

From high-wattage holiday displays to personal family rituals, it's time for our annual look at "Traditions."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb Reflects On Time In Congress

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb has decided not to seek reelection. He talks about his decision to leave and his time in Congress with WAMU 88.5 Morning Edition host Matt McCleskey.

D.C. Council To Question CFO In Oversight Hearing

The chief financial officer for the District will appear before the D.C. Council for an oversight hearing today, and council members are expected to raise questions about audits that have been critical of some practices of the CFO's office.

D.C. Residents Push For D.C. Flags At Military Ceremonies

D.C. residents are still pushing U.S. senators to approve a law that would allow the D.C. flag to be flown at military ceremonies honoring District residents; currently, only the flags of states are raised.

D.C. Law Provides Protection For Overdose Victims

A new law in D.C. would provide some immunity for people who call 911 to report a drug overdose. City officials are hoping the law will help reduce the number of deaths from overdoses.

WikiLeaks Case Draws Comparisons To Pentagon Papers

Some observers are comparing the case of accused WikiLeaks informer Bradley Manning to that of the Pentagon Papers during the 1970s — but one legal expert points to some key differences between the two.