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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GPS Tracking Bill Fails In Virginia Senate Committee

A bill that would have made it illegal to track someone using a GPS device without their knowledge has failed in the Virginia Senate.

Maryland Senate Committee To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

A Maryland Senate committee could clear the way today for a vote on legislation to allow same-sex marriage in the state.

Norton Opposing Bill Banning Some Abortions In D.C.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton is fighting an attempt by Republicans to restrict abortion in the District.

D.C. Council Chair To Introduce Anti-Cursing Bill

D.C. Council Chair Kwame Brown will introduce legislation that tries to enforce a measure of civility on council members.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Freak Car Accident Leaves One Diner Dead

In a freak accident in Prince George's County, a diner at restaurant was killed after a car inexplicably veered off a road and through a plate glass window.

Maryland Considers Natural Gas Export Facility

Dominion Power has expressed an interest in building an export facility for natural gas in Maryland, which area environmental activists oppose because of the impacts of the controversial fracking process that is used to produce it.

Maryland Speed Cameras Draw Scrutiny

Maryland residents and lawmakers alike are voicing displeasure with speed cameras in construction zones, which have resulted in more than 1 million tickets in just two years.

New Dental Clinic Bolsters Access for D.C.’s Low-Income Patients

A new dental clinic in D.C. is offering access  to citizens of the District for whom a visit to the dentist was once an unaffordable luxury when Medicare and Medicaid wouldn't foot the bill.

New D.C. Bus Services Available In Time For Cherry Blossoms

When visitors flock to the District for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival this year, they'll have more transportation options for touring the National Mall and Arlington National Cemetery.

Energy-Efficient Items Tax-Free In Maryland

It's the last day to take advantage of a tax holiday in Maryland for certain environmentally friendly purchases.

Metro Track Work Continues On President's Day

Track work is under way on the Metro, which is already on a weekend schedule, causing extra delays for those who are still commuting to and from work on President's Day.

CQ Roll Call: Republicans Block Routine Appointments, Race For Maryland 6th District Heats Up

The Congressional divide continues on Capitol Hill, while the race in Maryland's 6th Congressional district heats up.

Woman Dies In Takoma Park Fire

A Takoma Park woman died in a fire in her apartment building last night, despite efforts by her grandaughter to save her from the deadly blaze.

Crime Continues To Rise In The District

D.C. police are trying to get a handle on a spike in street crime that began late last year, but despite their efforts, the incidents are still continuing.

Same-Sex Marriage Heads To The Maryland Senate

The Maryland House approved a same-sex marriage bill last week but the measure still needs to pass muster in the Senate, and eventually with Maryland voters on the November ballot.