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Friday, January 18, 2013

Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Jan. 18

A fashion and performance art event features burquas, bikinis, and six scandalous ways to wear a sari and a piano battle. 

Door To Door: Tenleytown And LeDroit Park, D.C.

It's our weekly trip around the region. This week, we visit Tenleytown and LeDroit Park in Northwest D.C.

Virginia Man Creates Elaborate System To Reduce Food Waste

Joel Thevoz is a local caterer who's created a vegetable patch/fish farm/compost system that doesn't create any waste.

Inaugural Caterers Prepare For Long, Grueling Day In The Cold

We'll hear about Inauguration day from a caterer's perspective.

Eating In The Embassy: Cuisine From A Land Of Glaciers

As we continue our "Eating in the Embassy" series, Rebecca Sheir and Eater DC's Missy Frederick sample the cuisine of a nation known for its chilly weather: Iceland.

Maryland Family Braves Frigid Atlantic Waters On Sailing Expedition

In the second in our "Elcie Diaries" series, we check in with sailing aficionados Richard and Jessica Johnson as they head out into the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean on a year-long sailing expedition.

Hitting The Slopes, Minus The Snow, In Virginia

Ski resorts in the Mid-Atlantic seem to be getting more rain than snow lately. But at one slope in Virginia, that doesn't matter.

D.C. Gigs: Running The Show At City's Newest Ice Skating Rink

In the latest edition of D.C. Gigs , we'll meet one of the women keeping the ice in prime condition at the Navy Yard's new Canal Park skate rink.

Anacostia Spruces Up Historic Homes With Grant Program

Many homes in D.C.'s 12 historic neighborhoods have been left out in the cold, so to speak, when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. The city's Historic Homeowner Grant program is trying to change that.

One Year After Shelter Protest, Anacostia Moves Forward

Last year, Anacostia residents held a series of community protests against a women's shelter that was planning to move to the neighborhood. A year later, Emily Berman visits the now-completed Calvary Women's Services, and asks local businesses how Anacostia fared in 2012.

This Week on Metro Connection: Out In The Cold

From the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean to a chilly ski slope in Virginia, this week we'll take you "Out in the Cold."

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maryland Lawmakers Mull Alternative Transportation Funding Sources

The Maryland General Assembly will grapple with how to fund upcoming mass transit projects during this year's session.

Maryland E-ZPass Violators May Soon Face Harsher Punishments

Maryland may soon be going after drivers who don't pay highway tolls.

Gray To Highlight D.C.'s Lack Of Statehood On Inauguration Day

Mayor Vincent Gray is revealing a sign on Inauguration Day that calls attention to the District's lack of statehood.

WikiLeaks Ruling May Affect Most Serious Charge Against Manning

The military judge in the Wikileaks case appears to have paved the way for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning to be acquitted of the most serious charge against him: aiding the enemy. The pretrial hearing in the case resumes Feb. 26.