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Friday, December 21, 2012

Obama Restricts Number Of Inaugural Balls

Due to tough economic times, President Obama is restricting the inaugural balls to the lowest number in 60 years.

D.C. Population Grows To More Than Half A Million

The District is one of the most popular places to live right now, according to the latest Census figures.

Redskins' RGIII Expected In Game Against Eagles

Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III is expected to play in Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Faith Leaders Address Gun Violence 'Epidemic' At National Cathedral

Reverends, rabbis, imams, pastors and other religious leaders gather today to urge lawmakers to address gun violence; the National Cathedral's funeral bell rung 28 times to commemorate the victims at Sandy Hook.

Defense Dept. Says Workers Will Not Face Fiscal Cliff-Related Layoffs

Defense Sec. Leon Panetta says the Pentagon's day-to-day operations would not be drastically affected if fiscal cliff negotiations are not settled.

Maryland Highway Officials Urge Caution On Snowy Roads

Maryland highway officials are urging caution for holiday drivers traveling west, as they are likely to encounter treacherous road conditions due to a blizzard moving in from the midwest Friday into Saturday.

ICC Speed Limit Could Be Safely Raised, Study Finds

The Maryland Transportation Authority could safely raise the speed limit on the Intercounty Connector from 55 mph to 60 mph, according to a recent engineering study.

Alexandria Street To Be Equal Opportunity For Cars, Bikes And Pedestrians

Some Alexandria residents are skeptical about a plan to remove curbs and sidewalks from Union Street along the waterfront in order to allow a shared street for bicyclists, pedestrians and cars. 

Virginia Lawmakers Weigh In On Gun Control

Virginia lawmakers differ widely on gun control measures, but they all are likely to be central to a pending debate over gun control measures in the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

D.C. Dives: Raising A Glass At The Players Lounge

We visit a bar once called "Ward 8's living room" in the latest installment of our monthly series, D.C. Dives.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mikulski Becomes First Woman To Chair Appropriations Committee

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski has been confirmed as the chair of the prestigious Senate Appropriations Committee, making her the first woman ever to service in that role.

Perdue Victorious In Eastern Shore Pollution Case

A judge sided with Perdue in a controversial case where environmentalists tried to pin run-off from chicken waste on the poultry supplier.

Georgetown Raises Money For Sandy Hook Victim

The mother of a student at Georgetown University was among those killed in the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., and the Georgetown University Law Center is raising funds in her name.

Maryland And Virginia Going In Opposite Directions On Gun Control

Maryland lawmakers are lining up a slate of new laws aimed at gun control, but some say Virginia's shift in the opposite directions may result in negligible effects for the region.

Local Faith Leaders Weigh In On Fiscal Cliff

A group of interfaith leaders met with lawmakers on Thursday to press what they say are the "moral priorities" involved in the on-going fiscal cliff negotiations on Capitol Hill.