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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ACLU To Testify Against Maryland Cell Phone Tracking Bill

ACLU officials plan to make their case today against a bill in Maryland that would allow police to use cell phone tracking data of suspects without obtaining a warrant.

Maryland Lawmakers Begin Gun Debate This Week

Maryland lawmakers will debate a variety of gun control bills this week, including a proposal from Gov. Martin O'Malley that would implement some of the strictest gun licensing laws in the U.S.

Welfare Drug Testing Bill Fails By One Vote In Virginia Senate

A Virginia bill that would have required drug testing of welfare applicants failed by one vote in the Virginia Senate this week.

D.C. Council Member Tommy Wells Eyes Mayoral Run

D.C. Council member Tommy Wells is considering a run for mayor in 2013, and he launched an exploratory committee and website this week to begin testing the waters for his campaign.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Virginia House Passes Bill Eliminating State Gas Tax

As Virginia lawmakers debate the future of transportation funding in the commonwealth, much of the debate centers on whether the use of fuel efficiency vehicles should be encouraged or taxed to make up for the gas tax.

Baltimore Welcomes Home Super Bowl Champion Ravens

The city of Baltimore is welcoming home their victorious Ravens today, which for the few that won't be attending the parade and celebration at M&T Stadium, could be a traffic nightmare.

MPD Hiring Driven By D.C. Population Boom

As many as 50 new police officers are being hired in the District as the city hopes to head off issues caused by a booming population and vibrant night life.

Virginia House Backs Grades For Struggling Schools

An education reform intended to increase accountability, assigning letter grades to public schools in Virginia, has passed the state house.

Maryland Increases Speed Limit On ICC

Maryland commuters will get be able to put the pedal ever so slightly closer to the metal starting in March, when the MDTA raises the speed limit to 60 miles per hour.

Virginia Kills Bill To Close Gun Show Loophole

A Virginia Senate committee has again killed legislation to close the gun show loophole.

'Raise D.C.' Report Offers Sobering Snapshot Of D.C. Students

Low educational achievement levels in the District are leading to low employment rates amongst young adults — rates that were measured in a baseline report released today by a coalition of groups.

How Would Sequestration Affect You?

WAMU 88.5 is covering the pending budget cuts set to go into effect in March, and we're wondering what kind of impact the "sequestered" cuts would make in your life?

Analysis: Mikulski To Take Role In Federal Funding Bills, Cuccinelli Releases New Book

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about the latest in the federal funding bills.

Montgomery County Residents Begin SNAP Challenge

A group of Maryland officials and nonprofit leaders in Montgomery County will be living on very limited budget this week.

Pentagon Station's Escalators Being Repaired

Metro is continuing its effort to fix many of its broken escalators, including three today at the Pentagon station.