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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Measures Targeting Black Market Make Your Smart Phone Safer

Smart phones are still the most popular target of robberies in the District, but Police Chief Cathy Lanier says cooperation with cell phone companies has helped to curb thefts.

Alexandria Police Officer Shot During Traffic Stop, In Critical Condition

A cab driver allegedly shot an officer in the head in a confrontation during a traffic stop in Old Town Wednesday, leaving him hospitalized.

Can Federal Workers In Arlington County Weather Another Tax Increase?

Arlington County residents have traditionally voted in favor of a safety net, but officials wonder whether workers can bear the burden amidst the combined effects of BRAC and sequestration.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kaine Breaks Senate Tradition By Addressing Chamber Earlier Than Usual

With sequestration looming, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine urged his colleagues on Wednesday to protect the state's defense industry. His speech broke unwritten Senate protocol as freshman lawmakers typically wait months before addressing their peers in the austere chamber.

Alexandria Police Officer Allegedly Shot By Cab Driver

The officer, who was riding his police motorcycle, was shot in the upper body after getting off the motorcycle.

Md. Senate Accepts Controversial Changes To Gun Control Legislation

A Maryland gun control measure continues to make its way through the state Senate, after a controversial amendment restricting guns to those committed for mental health issues was separated from the bill.

Maryland Public Service Commission Tells Utilities To Toughen Up

Officials in Maryland are urging power companies in the state to improve resiliency in their infrastructure to prevent widespread outages like those seen during the 2012 derecho storm.

Analysis: As Sequester Looms, Untangling The Web Of Federal Furloughs

The automatic federal budget cuts are expected to be messy, but as Tom Shoop of Government Executive explains, it becomes more complicated when the agency in charge of furlough appeals is itself subject to cuts.

Virginia To Crack Down On Texting While Driving

Fiddling with your phone may soon get you pulled over in Virginia, if legislation is approved by Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Analysis: Sen. Warner Pushes School Safety Measures

Congress is tackling gun control legislation this week, and Sen. Mark Warner is using the opportunity to call for school safety measures.

What Your Vote Could Mean For District Autonomy

In April, District voters will decide on a ballot question that could radically reshape the way the District of Columbia spends locally-raised tax revenues.

Military Releases Documents On Bradley Manning Case

Following pressure from media organizations, the military has released 84 court documents related to the trial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of releasing classified materials to the Wikileaks website.

Transportation Compromise Offers Reprieve For Dulles Toll Road Drivers

Much of the press on the deal struck by Virginia's General Assembly this passed weekend focused on the restructuring of the gas tax, but it also offers a reprieve for commuters to and from Dulles.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Obama Visits Newport News To Talk Sequestration

President Obama highlighted the impact of pending budget cuts on the state's defense industry at Newport News, where looming furlough would effect the area

Smoking Ban Extended Inside Orioles, Ravens Stadiums

Baltimore sports fans will subjected to the smell of smoke no longer, as Maryland officials have banned smoking inside the stadiums of both the Ravens and the Orioles.