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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Herndon Weighs Moving Town Council Election To November

Lawmakers in Richmond are considering an effort to allow the town of Herndon to move its election from May to November.

Maryland Legislator Wants To Expand Access To Protective Orders

Under current law, people in dating relationships don't qualify for protective orders. Prince George's County Rep. Victor Ramirez is sponsoring a bill that would change that.

Education Could Prove To Be Flashpoint Between Hogan And Maryland Democrats

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Democrats in the General Assembly are already feuding over funding cuts to public schools, and it looks like both sides will be battling over expanding charter schools in the state too.

Maryland Lawmakers Explore The Idea Of Having Graduates 'Pay It Forward'

A Montgomery County lawmaker wants to explore the idea of giving students at state universities free or reduced tuition that they can then pay back with a portion of their future earnings.

Should Virginians Be Allowed To Carry Loaded Shotguns In Vehicles?

Virginia's state Senate signed off on a bill that would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry a loaded shotgun in their vehicles, but if it passes the House of Delegates, it's not clear whether the governor will sign it.

DDOT Requests Top-To-Bottom Review For D.C. Streetcar After Series Of Delays

Former Mayor Vincent Gray was hoping to see the D.C. Streetcar start running on H Street before he left office, but now with Muriel Bowser at the helm, the line is subject to renewed scrutiny and review.

Beekeepers Push To Ban Pesticide They Identify In Hive Collapses In Maryland

Farmers and gardeners in Maryland use pesticides classed as neonicotinoids because they aren't toxic to humans, but the effects on the state's bee population has been devastating.

Bowser Feeling Heat For Canceling Art Museum Project At Franklin School

Critics are scratching their heads over Mayor Bowser's decision to cancel the contract for the contemporary arts museum project at the Franklin School.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bill Could Open Door To Junk Food Sales At Virginia Schools

Virginia schools could hold numerous fundraisers per year selling food that doesn't meet nutritional guidelines under legislation that has passed both houses of the General Assembly.

Virginia Moves To Lift Ban On Brass Knuckles And Other Exotic Weapons

Virginia lawmakers are taking action to overturn a longstanding ban on selling blackjacks, brass knuckles, throwing stars and ballistic knives.

Snow Day! For Everyone But Maryland's General Assembly, That Is

Federal and local governments were closed today because of the snow, but the Maryland General Assembly stayed open — and the Senate gave preliminary approval to a slew of bills.

Virginia Senate Approves Bill Shrouding Lethal Injection Cocktail In Secrecy

A controversial bill headed to the Virginia House of Delegates is aimed at making sure the Commonwealth's Department of Corrections can secure the three-drug cocktail used for lethal injections, while keeping the suppliers secret.

Winter Storm Prompts Snow Emergency, Closing Schools And Federal Government

It's a snow day in the District as several inches of snow overnight have prompted the federal government and most schools to close, also slowing down Metro service.

Bowser Asks Judge For Time To Consider Options On Budget Autonomy Vote

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked a judge to give her 30 days to consider her position on the legality of a 2013 voter referendum that would have granted city officials more flexibility in spending locally raised revenue.

Monday, February 16, 2015

As Storm Approaches, Region's Officials Ask Drivers To Stay Off Roads

A winter storm that's expected to dump between four and eight inches of snow on the region has officials in D.C., Maryland and Virginia asking motorists to stay off the road and move parked cars off of emergency routes.