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Monday, December 15, 2014

Thousands Rallied In D.C. Saturday For An End To Police Brutality

Protesters carrying signs with slogans like "black lives matter" took to the streets of Washington on Saturday to call for justice after several high-profile deaths where prosecutors opted not to charge police.

Ocean City Congregation Renews Efforts To Help Needy After Tragedy

The congregation at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church By the Sea lost both their pastor and their church in a tragic fire last year, but they are continuing their mission to help the needy.

Freer, Sackler Galleries Become First Fully Digitized Smithsonian Museums

The future of the museum may be digital. That's the thinking at the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, where they have just completed the digitization of their entire collection — a first for the Smithsonian.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Law Protecting Tenants Rights In Virginia May Get Tweak

Virginia tenants often fail to complain about their living conditions for fear of retaliation from landlords. A bill set to be introduced next year would give judges more leeway to help.

Mega-Irruption Of Snowy Owls Will Continue, Just Not In D.C. This Year

A once-in-a-century irruption of snowy owls last year prompted sightings of the birds across the D.C. region, including one famously at The Washington Post building. Scientists don't expect a repeat this year.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ex-Gov. McDonnell Faces A Decade In Prison

The United States Probation Office is recommending the former Virginia governor be sentenced to 10 years and one month following his conviction on corruption charges.

Gov.-Elect Hogan Meets MoCo Delegation; Still Mum On Purple Line

Maryland Governor-Elect Larry Hogan met the solidly democratic Montgomery County delegation for the first time this week. But he's still saving his ideas about the Purple Line for after he takes office in January.

The Bounce: The Week In Music From WAMU's Bandwidth


Our Friday roundup of local and not-so-local music news.

Despite Congressional Vote, Advocates Say D.C. Marijuana Legalization Not Dead

Advocates of a D.C. marijuana legalization that has become a target of a congressional spending bill say that two loopholes may allow the measure to move forward.

Some D.C. Cabbies See New Mandate As Chance To Compete With Uber

D.C. taxicab drivers say that they have lost business to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, but now the city's Taxicab Commission is developing an e-hailing app that could help them compete.

Bowser Lays Out Inauguration Plans, Including 5K Run And Ball

District residents will be able to run, pray and dance during Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser's inauguration next month.

Remembering Ray Davis, King of D.C. Bluegrass Broadcasting

We pay tribute to a man who played an important role in bringing bluegrass to the world.

Mikulski Plays Big Role In Writing Federal Spending Bill

While U.S. House minority leader and Baltimore native Nancy Pelosi was dealt a massive defeat last night, Maryland Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski racked up a big win.

Hogan Promises No New Taxes, Setting Up Spending Cuts To Address Maryland Deficit

Maryland Governor-elect Larry Hogan admits he's putting himself in a tight box when it comes to fixing the state's rising budget deficit. Still, the Republican remains resolute that taxes are not going up — which means state spending will be cut drastically.

Court-Appointed Doctor To Determine If Severance Competent For Murder Trial

A court-appointed doctor in Alexandria will be conducting an evaluation to determine whether or not Charles Severance, a former fringe political candidate, is competent to stand trial for three high-profile murders.