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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Environmentalists Target Maryland Farm That Supplies Purdue

A New York-based environmental group is trying to get at massive chicken producer Purdue through a small, Maryland family farm that supplies it.

Maryland Rep. Uses Her Campaigning Chops Away From Home

Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards (D) has been splitting time between her own campaign in Maryland and a role with the national campaign committee helping out other candidates in races around the country.

Sound Familiar? New App Orders D.C. Taxis, Pays Fares, Via Smartphone

Although a plan to install credit card machines in all D.C. taxis still hangs in limbo, a new smartphone app allows taxi customers to order a D.C. taxi to their location via their smartphone and to pay using an approved credit card.  

Montgomery County's Question A Supports Hiring Disabled

Montgomery County voters will have several initiatives on their ballot in this year's election, including a measure that allows the county to recruit and hire more individuals with disabilities. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alexandria To Reconfigure King Street Metro Station

king street metro parking

The maze of idling taxis, cars and buses in front of the King Street Metro will be no more after a $7 million renovation plan that will turn the Alexandria transportation hub into a more pedestrian-friendly place.

Analysis: Breaking Down Sequestration Cuts In Terms Of Jobs

The so-called "fiscal cliff" is just two and a half months away, and a new report has been released showing just what kind of job cuts we can expect if the automatic cuts are not averted.

Gray Aide Faces Sentencing On Wednesday

The former aide to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray will face sentencing on Wednesday for his role in compensating Sulaimon Brown during the 2010 mayoral campaign.

New Proposal Would Free Uber From D.C. Taxi Restrictions

D.C. Council member Jack Evans has offered a proposal that would free the Uber car service from the fare restrictions imposed on the District's taxicabs.

Maryland Delegate Sentenced For Misconduct

Anne Arundel County delegate Tiffany Alston received a suspended sentence, a year of probation, and community service for using public funds to pay an employee of her law firm.

Audits Reveal Security Lapses In D.C. Tax Office

With the existing security procedures, it was relatively easy for an employee of the D.C. tax office to embezzle tens of millions of dollars, according toto an internal audit.

Fans Buck Up After Nationals' Game Two Loss To Cards

Nationals fans were down but not out after the teams' rout by the St. Louis Cardinals Monday night; many are looking forward to Game 3 of the National League Division Series in D.C. Wednesday. 

Stink Bug Population Up In Maryland

brown stink bugs

Maryland authorities are preparing for a more prominent stink bug population in the state this year, and may deploy certain methods — including traps and certain insect predators — to combat them. 

Pepco Addresses Smart Meter Issues With Bill Adjustments

Pepco is on the verge of settling a labor dispute with the union representing many of its employees; at the same time, the company is working to adjust some customers' bills due to errors involving  new "smart meters."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tuesday Marks Last Day To Register By Mail As D.C. Voter

Time is running out for D.C. residents hoping to vote in November's election — the deadline to register by mail is Tuesday.

Former DCPS Chancellor Rhee: Pace Of Reform Has Changed

former DCPS chancellor michelle rhee

Michelle Rhee was a controversial figure when she was chancellor of the DCPS years ago. Now, she reflects on her former public perception and compares the changes she made with those being made now.