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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Virginia Democrats Oppose Plan To Use Sales Tax For Roads

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is calling for the state legislature to use $48 million in sales tax revenue for roads, but Democrats oppose dipping into the general fund.

Two Alexandria Police Cars Stolen On Consecutive Nights

Thieves stole two marked Alexandria police cars on two consecutive nights, leaving authorities wondering how they managed the feat and whether the crimes are related.

Virginia's Renewable Energy Policy Under Review

Both Virginia's largest utility and environmental groups agree that current policy on renewable energy in the commonwealth is inadequate. Where they diverge is on the proposed fixes.

Holiday Exodus Expected From D.C. Region

The D.C. region may be much quieter over the holidays, as a report from AAA Mid-Atlantic estimates that as many as 40 percent of area residents will be traveling 50 miles or more.

D.C.'s Child Services Agency Shows Marked Improvement

The District's Child and Family Services Agency appears to be making real progress in making improvements to home visits, placements and other services 20 years after a child advocacy group sued the agency.

Virginia Schools To Examine School Safety After Sandy Hook

The Governor of Virginia is ordering all of the state's school districts to review security policies and practices in the wake of last week's shootings in Newtown, Conn. 

Some Reforms Won't Make Cut For Final D.C. Council Meeting

The D.C. Council will vote on dozens of bills today at its last meeting of the current council session — but some pieces of legislation dealing with ethics reforms will be left off the list and pushed back until next year.

Counselors Talk With Students After Newtown Shooting

Counselors in the D.C. region are on standby at schools and one District-based counselor is offering advice on how parents and teachers can help students cope with anxiety and grief after the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Conn.

McDonnell Reduces Revenue Projections In Budget Plan

Gov. Bob McDonnell is reducing revenue projections and planning to move some money around in the Virginia state budget in light of the ongoing stalemate in federal fiscal cliff negotiations.

Water Main Break Closes Columbia Pike In Arlington

A water main break in South Arlington is tying up traffic on and around Columbia Pike this morning. Authorities expect Columbia Pike to be closed in both directions near South Thomas Street throughout the morning rush.

Airports Board Spent $1.5M On Martire's Lawsuit

The Metropolitan Airports Authority Board spent a total of $1.5 million in legal fees defending embattled member Dennis Martire; Martire later resigned from the board, ending his fight with the state of Virginia. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Court Appearance Pushed Back For Former Gray Campaign Aide

Eugenia Jeanne Clarke Harris, former campaign aide to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, has her day in court postponed until March.

Gun Regulations Take Legislative Spotlight In Virginia After Shooting

When the Virginia General Assembly meets next year, gun regulations are expected to take center stage, after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., revived the conversation on the national stage.

Smithsonian's American History Museum Displays 'Wicked' Dress

A special performance of the award winning musical Wicked at the Smithsonian marks the donation of a dress.

Maryland Issues Fewer Work Zone Speeding Tickets

The number of Maryland drivers being issued tickets for speeding in work zones has plummetted in 2012, but whether that represents greater safety consciousness or fewer road projects remains to be seen.