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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

D.C. Formally Commits To Health Care Exchange

D.C. has formally declared its intention to form a health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act; District officials hope they could be taking enrollments by fall of 2013.

UMD Officials, Students Cite Importance Of Academic Consortium In Big Ten Move

The University of Maryland will get a new NCAA conference with its move to the Big Ten, but it will also get a membership in an $8 billion per year research consortium with the conference's schools. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Uranium Mining Could Prompt Radioactive Debate In Richmond

The uranium mining industry has been lobbying the Virginia state legislature to consider lifting the ban in the commonwealth, setting it up for a likely vote when the General Assembly is back in session.

Balloon Sightings Likely As Alexandria Mulls Potomac Yard Metro

If you see large balloons while driving on the GW Parkway, it's not the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade coming to Virginia. Alexandria is using the derigibles to study the visual effects a proposed Potomac Yard Metro station.

Analysis: Maryland's Move To The Big Ten Makes Fiscal Sense

The University of Maryland is officially joining the Big Ten conference, and while some say it's a break from tradition, Washington Post sports reporter Alex Prewitt says its all about dollars and cents

Job Service Centers Consolidated In Southeast

The District government is consolidating two employment service centers into one location in Southeast D.C.

Parents Demand Answers On Proposal To Close 20 D.C. Schools

The D.C. Council is holding its second hearing on the proposal to close 20 underutilized or underfunded District schools, and dozens of parents have signed up to voice their concerns.

Turkeys En Route To White House For Presidential Pardon

Two turkeys are taking the trip of their lives — from Rockingham County to the Rose Garden this week, where they are to be pardoned from appearing on someone's dinner table, a Thanksgiving tradition.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Classroom To Cupcakes: Two Principals Exchange Old Careers For New

A year ago, two former DCPS principals exchanged the daily grind of running a school for the early-morning work of running a cupcake business, Cooks 'N Cakes.

D.C.'s "Marathon Man" Of Jazz Celebrates A Lifetime Of Making Music

Jazz musician Andrew White has spent a lifetime making up his own rules — both for making music, and for running his prolific one-man publishing company, "Andrew's Music."

Artist Creates Elaborate Sand Sculptures In Ocean City

Artist Randy Hofman has been carving elaborate sculptures into the sand near the Ocean City, Md. boardwalk for more than 30 years.

A Drive-In Does Battle With Its Neighbor

We visit a Baltimore County drive-in whose owner has been locked in a long-running dispute with neighboring Royal Farms.

Remembering A Man Who Broke Boundaries Between Earth, Sky

Al Welsh was born in Russia in 1881, before anyone had figured out how to fly an airplane. But he went on to become one of the world's first pilots.

Moonlighting As A Musician... When You're An Animal

An elephant at the National Zoo is moonlighting as a musician these days. Does her harmonica-playing equate to music?

D.C. Theater World Pays Homage To Benefactor Jaylee Mead

We'll revisit our profile of Jaylee Mead, a top contributor to the D.C. theater scene, who died in September at the age of 83.