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Friday, March 29, 2013

How To Live In D.C. And Still Live To 100

We'll hear the tales of two local residents who've passed their 100th birthdays, and find out how much energy is required to live a long, full life.

D.C. Dives: A Family Affair At The Vienna Inn

In our monthly look at our region's dive bar scene, Jerad Walker takes us to what may be the most kid-friendly dive bar around — the Vienna Inn.

Mount Pleasant's Energy Shifts As New Residents Move In

For decades, Mount Pleasant has been an enclave for Latino residents and businesses. But the neighborhood is changing as Latino residents move out and white residents move in.

Rural Community Debates Pros And Cons Of Uranium Mining

We'll visit a Virginia site that holds an estimated $7 billion of uranium and find out how local residents feel about the benefits and risks of mining that uranium.

D.C. Aims To Out-Green Other Cities

By the year 2032, energy use in D.C. will be cut in half, and solar panels will fill the city's rooftops, if a plan released last month becomes reality.

Visiting The Epicenter Of The Fracking Debate

Residents in Western Maryland's Garrett County talk about the prospect of fracking in their region.

This Week On Metro Connection: Energy

From uranium mining to solar panels, we'll explore how we'll fuel our region's future with a show all about "Energy."

Thursday, March 28, 2013

D.C. Mayor Gray Unveils $10.1B Budget

A new $10.1 billion budget for the District includes new spending on housing, police and fire department vehicles, and libraries.

Maryland Senate Passes Funding For Health Benefit Exchange

Senators voted 35-11 for the bill that will fund the program allowing residents a choice of private health plans.

Sharpshooters Continue Deer Hunt In Rock Creek Park

Trained marksmen with the U.S. Department of Agriculture are on a four-night deer hunt to reduce deer density in Rock Creek Park.

House Lawmakers Push For Bicyclist, Pedestrian Safety Goals

Bicycling advocates have been lobbying Congress to address the 5,000 bicyclist and pedestrian roadway deaths, and a bipartisan group of House lawmakers has heeded their call.

Maryland Senate Passes 'Black Liquor' Bill

Environmentalists urged the Maryland Senate to remove 'black liquor' from the list of renewable energy sources — a request it obliged Thursday.

Pentagon Cuts Furlough Days For Civilian Workers

Amidst months of bad news, Pentagon workers finally got a reprieve late Wednesday, when officials revealed that they were trimming the number of furlough days by a third.

Purple Line A Tough Sell To Many Affected Maryland Residents

While many in Annapolis are pleased with the potential of a Purple Line addition to the Metro, many business owners and local residents are expressing concern for their neighborhoods and businesses.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

D.C. Council Candidate Pat Mara Denies Lobbying For Exxon Mobil

Patrick Mara, who just won the DC Sierra Club endorsement for the at-large seat on the D.C. Council, disputes a congressional lobbying record that lists him as a paid lobbyist for Exxon Mobil.