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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hybla Valley Walmart Agrees To Lock Down Shopping Carts

Little Hunting Creek in Fairfax County has been plagued by all kinds of trash, including a number of discarded Walmart shopping carts. Local residents may, however, have finally gotten through to the big-box retailer.

Why Texting And Driving May Soon Get You Pulled Over In Virginia

Virginia lawmakers are expected to give final approval to a bill making distracted driving a primary offense, but safety advocates are calling for residents of the Commonwealth to go beyond.

Cheverly Woman's Death Highlights Dangers Of Hoarding

Hoarding behavior may not only have contributed to a deadly house fire in Prince George's County over the weekend, but prevented fire fighters from responding to it adequately.

Fans Welcome Back Nats On Opening Day

The day was dreary, but fans young and old turned out in numbers to see their beloved Nationals kick off what is widely expected to be the team's most promising season since returning to Washington.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Extended Summer Hours Begin For DC Circulator

Riders on the DC Circulator will now be able to catch a ride later as well as on Saturday, as the system moves to a summer schedule.

Prince George's Woman Dies In Tenth Deadly House Fire This Year

A woman in Cheverly, Md., died on Sunday in a house fire that may have been exacerbated by the presence of hoarded materials.

Analysis: Lawmakers To Respond To Stock Act, Online Disclosure Rule After Break

David Hawkings, author of Hawkings Here, talks about the latest in a bill that's meant to prevent insider trading.

Metro To Add Cameras To Rail Cars As Part Of Plan To Increase Security

At a cost of more than $6 million, Metro plans to triple the number of cameras in its stations and parking garages, as well as adding cameras onto rail cars for the first time.

Virginia Task Force Weighs Changes To Mental Health Laws

A group appointed by Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is evaluating potential changes to mental health laws that could prevent future incidents like the Newton, Conn., shooting.

Arlington Halts Plans For 'Super' Bus Stops After Outcry Over Costs

A "super" bus stop constructed at the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive may be the first and last of its kind, after its $1 million cost drew negative responses from area residents.

Art Beat With Lauren Landau, April 1

All the world's a stage... if you make it one. This week you can enjoy the theatrical arts at a monologue competition and a festival celebrating William Shakespeare.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Changes Coming To The GED Program

There are significant changes coming to the GED program, but many adult education advocates say that new test is being rolled out far too quickly.

GED Program: 'America's Largest High School'

For adults who dropped out years ago, the GED test is widely seen as the first step to a better paying job or higher education, but research shows that it may not give people a "true" second chance.

Easter Sermon At National Cathedral Speaks Of Hope For Newtown Victims

The National Cathedral's leadership took the opportunity to remind churchgoers of the toll of gun violence in recent months.

WiFi Coming To Select Frederick County Schools

Wireless Internet access will be set up in some Frederick County schools, as a way to move forward with technology at a lower cost.