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Friday, June 7, 2013

Arlington Non-Profit Bike Stores Lets Kids Shift Gears—And Lives

Phoenix Bikes in Arlington lets troubled teens learn how to fix bikes, and in the process fix their own lives.

Former D.C. Legislator Charged With Taking $55,000 From Businessmen

Michael Brown is being charged with bribary for having taken money from federal agents posing as D.C. businessmen looking for access to city contracts.

Your Letters

Listeners chime in on our "Beating the Odds" series.

Women Relish Roles On D.C.'s Newest Football Team

We'll meet the players behind the newly-formed Washington Prodigy, a professional tackle football team for women.

Baltimore Symphony Fellow Wraps Up Rookie Year With Orchestra

Violinist Tami Lee Hughes is finishing her rookie season with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra — and says she's learned a lot about playing classical music in the process.

Inside The World Of... Competitive Soil Judging

Environmental science students at the University of Maryland are the reigning national champions of the little known discipline of soil judging.

Door To Door: Shepherd Park, D.C. and Northridge, Va.

This week, we'll visit D.C's Shepherd Park and the Northridge neighborhood of Alexandria, Va.

Beating The Odds: High School Students Writes Through The Pain

High school senior Bridget Dease has severe arthritis — but says writing has helped her to share her story, and ease the pain.

On the Coast: 'Junebugs' Descend on Beach Towns

Every June, thousands of graduating high school seniors, flush with their first taste of freedom, arrive at the beach for a week of debauchery.

Young 'Dreamers' Work To Shift Immigration Debate

Young undocumented immigrants share what they're doing to reframe ideas about American identity.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Virginia Supreme Court Takes Up Alexandria Waterfront Plan

The question of a protest petition about the Alexandria waterfront plan is before the Virginia Supreme Court this week.

License Proposals For Undocumented Immigrants Before D.C. Council

Two bills before the D.C. Council are aimed at offering licenses of varying levels of usefulness to illegal immigrants residing in the District.

Many Local Lawmakers Have Signed Off On Domestic Surveillance

Reactions have been heated to the revelation that the Obama Administration has potentially tracked the phone records of tens of millions of U.S. citizens, but the reaction from lawmakers has been muted.

Barry May Have Illegally Accepted Gifts From City Contractors

The longtime D.C. council member took $6,800 worth of gifts from two companies that do business with D.C.

D.C. Couple Robbed While Dining Outside

A video released by D.C. police shows a couple being robbed by a man armed with a handgun as they dined outside on May 17.