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Monday, June 10, 2013

Analysis: Cummings Says IRS Case Resolved, Expresses Concern For NSA Issue

David Hawkings, columnist for Hawkings Here, talks about the latest in the IRS and NSA cases.

Senate Prepares For Lengthy Debate On Immigration Policy

After five hearings in the Judiciary Committee on the immigration bill that included more than 200 amendments, the Senate will now weigh in.

Fairfax County Schools Lead In National Ranking Of Graduation Rates

With students across the country readying to graduate, Fairfax County Schools have risen to the top of national rankings in terms of how many students complete high school.

Student Loan Legislation Falls On Senate

House Republicans in the region say it's up to the Senate to figure out how to keep student loan rates from doubling in July.

Howard Trustee Says Historically Black University Is In Trouble

Renee Higginbotham-Brooks said in a letter that unless drastic changes are made, Howard University may not exist in three years.

Frager's Moves To Eastern Market As Rebuilding Begins After Fire

On Sunday Mayor Vince Gray announced that the beloved Capitol Hill hardware store would be allowed to vend from a spot in Eastern Market.

Virginia Democrats Prepare To Choose Candidate For Lieutenant Governor

Whomever Virginia Democrats choose tomorrow to be their candidate for lieutenant governor will face off against Republican E.W. Jackson and possibly run for governor in 2017.

Over 10,000 Maryland Residents To Get Money From Mortgage Settlement

The 10,740 residents will receive just under $1,500 a piece as part of a multi-state settlement with five mortgage companies accused of various abuses.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jack Evans Makes Campaign For D.C. Mayor Official

It's no secret that Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans planned to run for mayor, but his campaign was made official Sunday morning.

Fuel Filter Screen To Blame For D.C. Ambulance Shutdown

Fuel filter screens are being removed from D.C. ambulances after one clogged and caused an ambulance to shutdown as it took a gunshot victim to the hospital. 

One Step Towards Modernized Provisions For Transgender D.C. Residents

A proposal that would allow trangender D.C. residents to legally change their gender has been approved by a D.C. Council committee.

Fairfax School Board Votes To Relax Certain Punishments

Following allegations that the disciplinary system for students is too rigid and harsh, the Fairfax County school board has voted to relax mandatory penalties for certain offenses.

A Look At Democratic Candidates For Virginia Attorney General

The Democratic nod for governor this year may already be in the books, but a primary in just two days will decide the party's candidate for attorney general this year.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

In Wake Of Indictment, D.C. Activists Renew Call For Campaign Finance Reforms

Good government activists say that this week's indictment of a former D.C. Council member proves that more work is needed on reforming the city's campaign finance laws.

Frager's To Pop Up At Eastern Market This Weekend

Frager's may be a burned-out shell of its former self, but the beloved institution is rising from the ashes this weekend at Eastern Market.