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Friday, December 7, 2012

Naked Mole Rats: The Animal Kingdom's Most Functional Dysfunctional Family

We'll head to the National Zoo to explore the surprising parenting strategies of a particularly unusual species: the naked mole rat.

Maryland Family Departs On Year-Long Sailing Expedition

Richard and Jessica Johnson are embarking on a year-long sailing expedition around the world... with their two young daughters in tow.

D.C. Public Schools Reinvent The Home Visit

A select number of D.C. public schools are working with a private foundation to reinvent the idea of the home visit, and bring families and teachers closer.

'Choice Moms' Opt For Parenthood Without A Partner

An increasing number of Washington women are choosing to become parents on their own. We delve into the growing "Choice Moms" movement.

Local Couple Pursues Parenting Dream Overseas

When Crystal Travis decided to start a family, she chose to use a surrogate who lived halfway around the world in India. Now she's helping other families pursue similar paths.

Leslie Morgan Steiner On Cultural Shifts In Washington Parenting

Author, former Washington Post blogger and native Washingtonian Leslie Morgan Steiner grew up in an era when D.C. parents were much more hands-off, and she says she's better off for it.

This Week on Metro Connection: Parenting

We'll dive head-on in to the life-altering, all-consuming world of parenting, as we consider how we conceive, engage with and educate our children in the nation's capital.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Maryland Begins Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Same-sex couples in Maryland can now begin getting marriage licenses, although licenses issued between now and the new year won't go into effect until January 1. 

Redskins' Robert Griffin III Makes Hall Of Fame

Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III secured a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame, after setting a record in last Monday night's game against the Giants.

Jim Moran Proposes Changes To U.S. Voting System

Virginia Rep. Jim Moran is pushing a new proposal to modernize U.S. elections, but the effort faces steep hurdles.

Longtime Alexandria Prosecutor Won't Run For Fifth Term

The City of Alexandria's chief prosecutor is stepping down after 15 years on the job, and he's endorsed his deputy to take over the post. The new commonwealth's attorney will be elected next year.

McDonnell Offers Few Details On Transportation Funding Proposal

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is staying mum on his administration's long-term transportation funding proposal — at least for now.

Kwame Brown's Brother To Plead Guilty To Bank Fraud

Che Brown, the brother of former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown, will plead guilty this week to bank fraud — the same charge that Kwame Brown admitted to earlier this year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ocean City Sees Spike In Heroin Arrests

Following an undercover sting operation, police in Ocean City, Md., indicted 23 on charges related to heroin, after the number of cases in the beachside town spiked this year.

Lewisdale Teen Dies In Gang-Related Double Shooting

Police say that 14-year-old Eliezer Benjamin Reyes was one of two shot and killed early Wednesday morning in what Prince George's County police are describing as gang violence.