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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tight Budgets, Election-Year Pressures: Fairfax County Board Gets An Earful

As soon as the microphones were turned on Tuesday evening at the county's government center, sharp divisions emerged over taxes and spending.

Eastern Shore Wind Farm Scrapped Amid Political Opposition

Pioneer Green Energy says its decision hold off on the wind project is based on opposition from state and federal lawmakers

Felons' Voting Rights Would Be Expanded Under Maryland House's Bill

Maryland already allows felons to vote once their entire sentence — prison time, parole and probation — is complete. The new legislation would give them voting rights once their prison time is done.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Before Passengers Grace D.C. Streetcar, Rails Already Under Repair

No, you still can't ride a streetcar down H Street. But work is underway to repair broken lines and address a laundry list of recommendations from national safety experts.

Who Needs Tax Hikes? Northern Virginia Budget Proposals Do Without

Local lawmakers in Northern Virginia are not looking to increase taxes in a year where they're up for reelection, and rising economic tides may indeed make them unnecessary.

Closing A Loophole Or Raising Taxes? Maryland Hotel Tax Bill Moves Forward

A bill that has passed the Maryland Senate and that is making its ways through the House of Delegates would apply the state's sales tax to hotel bookings made through third-party sites like Expedia.

'Anayah's Law': Bill To Protect Children In Maryland Foster Care To Get Approval

One bill that will likely be signed without controversy would prevent children in Maryland's foster care system from being returned to biological parents if there is risk of abuse.

Widespread Power Outage In D.C. Affects White House, Metro, Museums

A large swath of Washington D.C. was without power Tuesday afternoon, affecting everything from Metro stations and museums to the White House and State Department buildings.

Investigation Underway Into Causes Of Second Metro Smoke Incident

The National Transportation Safety Board is taking a look at another incidence of smoke on the Yellow Line in February, and whether it bears any resemblance to the incident that claimed the life of passenger Carol Glover in January.

D.C. Students Primed For National Competition On New Common Core Exams

Teachers and school administrators have been preparing students for new, rigorous Common Core exams which will show where they stand against students across the country.

Support Waning For Bi-County Parkway In Prince William County

Tuesday the Prince William County Board of Supervisors is expected to approve a study to determine whether the parkway should be removed from the county's comprehensive plan, where it has been since 1990.

'Anayah's Law' Expected To Be Approved By Maryland Gov. Hogan

Gov. Hogan says the bill will prevent children in the foster care system from being returned to biological parents who might abuse them.

Victims Of Forced Prostitution During WWII Honored In Maryland Resolution

Maryland State Sen. Susan Lee is the sponsor of the resolution that honors the thousands who were pressed into prostitution by the Japanese army in the 1930s and '40s.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bill In Maryland Would Help Block Prostitution Charges For Victims Of Human Trafficking

The bill from Montgomery County Sen. Susan Lee would allow those arrested for prostitution to ask a judge to have the charge thrown out if they can prove they were forced into it because they're a victim of human trafficking.

How Much Noise Is Too Much In Fairfax County?

In Fairfax County, Virginia, members of the Board of Supervisors are about to get an earful about noise. It's a reverberation from a court decision about six years ago.