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Monday, June 20, 2016

What To Expect On Metro With SafeTrack Segment Shutdown Monday

The second surge in Metro's SafeTrack reconstruction program is expected to have much bigger impacts for rush hour commuters the next two weeks, starting Monday.

Friday, June 17, 2016

In Fight For More Housing In Washington, Groups Hope To Make Case For 'Yes'

The NIMBY or "not in my backyard" impulse is strong in cities like Washington D.C., but what if there was an organized group of YIMBYs to balance them?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Find Other Ways To Get Around Monday, Metro And Other Officials Say

Transit authority leaders joined elected officials from D.C. and Prince George’s County to hammer home a message to commuters: Unless a significant number find alternative means of transportation, they will be stuck on packed trains and buses during the first rail shutdown under the SafeTrack program.

Montgomery County Police: Latino Youth Gang Violence On The Rise In Recent Months

Latino youth gang violence — including nine gang-related murders — has expanded alarmingly in Montgomery County over the past eight months, according to a new report from Montgomery County police.

Next SafeTrack Surge Will Be Tough Ride In Northern Virginia, Prince George's Co.

The second planned maintenance surge under Metro's SafeTrack plan will shut down stretches of track in Prince George's County and in Arlington, affecting nearly 60,000 riders trips per day during the two week stretch.

LISTEN: Scientists Find Further Confirmation Of Gravitational Waves In Binary Black Holes

We speak to physics professor Gregory Harry about a recent announcement of further proof of Einstein's theory of gravity — thanks to a pair of chirpy black holes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Some Work On Orange, Silver Lines Is Ahead Of Schedule, Metro Reports

Metro has released a progress report for its first maintenance surge under the SafeTrack reconstruction program, and it shows that as of Monday, most of the work was either close to or ahead of schedule.

'Our Spaces Are No Longer Safe,' Say LGBTQ Latinos In D.C. Area

Violence against LGBTQ community is all too common, especially among members of color. The recent attack in Orlando has made some question whether their rare safe spaces are really safe.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bowser's Team Has Tough Night In Council Races; Clinton Easily Wins D.C. Primary

Former Mayor Vincent Gray was the headline victory in a primary night that was seen as a blow to Mayor Muriel Bowser's Green Team. And Hillary Clinton won the last-in-nation presidential primary in a landslide.

Some D.C. Voters See Change In Party Affiliation, Glitch In Mobile App Blamed

A glitch in the mobile app used by the D.C. Board of Elections has resulted in some voters seeing unexpected changes in their party affiliation, forcing them to cast special ballots in the city's closed primary taking place today.

On D.C. Primary Day, Celebrating 60 Years Of Having A Voice

This year is the 60th anniversary of the District’s first-ever presidential primary. In 1956, the District of Columbia hadn’t held an election for 82 years. There was no board of elections, no voting machines. It took two weeks to count all the ballots.

Monday, June 13, 2016

With Minimum Wage Fight Over, D.C. Activists Hope To Eliminate Tipped Wage

D.C.'s tipped wage is set to go up from $2.77 to $5, but some labor activists want to get rid of it altogether.

SafeTrack Leaves Riders Wondering: Where Did $5B For Metro Forward Go?

Metro has had more than five years of overhauls costing billions, but the system seems in even worse shape than when they started. How?

Attack In Orlando Casts Shadow Over D.C. Pride Events

Sunday marked the last day of two weeks of D.C. Pride events, but the deadly attacks in Orlando dampened spirits among the city's LGBT community.

D.C. Constitutional Debate Touches On Everything From Process To State Name

D.C. is convening a constitutional convention this week, the first step in a formal petition for statehood. But has the process been open enough? And is the District moving too fast?