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Friday, May 22, 2015

In A City Known For Go-Go, Hip-Hop Is Making A Name For Itself

A new generation of artists is pushing hip-hop from the fringes to the District's musical mainstream.

D.C. Dance-Music Label 1432 R Puts A World Of Experience To The Beat

1432 R combines the broad tastes of its D.C. founders with a sound inspired by a country halfway around the globe.

Why Musicians Are Embracing Cassette Tapes (It's Not Just Nostalgia)

For musicians and music labels, cassette tapes are the cheapest way to make a physical album. They're also one of the fastest.

Straight-Laced Washington Embraces Underground Metal Scene

Thousands of people are heading to the largest metal festival of its kind this weekend.

Leaving Their Mark: What's Behind The Scenes At Your Favorite D.C. Music Venues

We'll tour several local venues to check out the mementos music lovers may miss during live shows.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Battling Stink Bugs And Mosquitos With The 'Bug Guy'

Two less-than-popular creatures are emerging with the warmer weather. Mike Raupp, professor of entomology, has some advice for the beleaguered.

Inside the 'Assault On Justice' Project With Patrick Madden And Christina Davidson

The reporters discuss their work investigating D.C.'s use of the charge of "assaulting a police officer," as well as efforts that are taking shape to change the law to avoid potential abuses.

Transit-Oriented Community Along I-66 Is Struck With Highway Realities

They wanted to be close to the Dunn Loring Metro Station so they could commute on the Orange Line and their kids could walk to a nearby elementary school. The expansion of I-66 could upend that lifestyle.

Confusion, Fear, And Now A Suspect In D.C. Mansion Killings

Late Wednesday, investigators announced they had identified a suspect in the killings, 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint, but released no information about what his motive might have been, or whether he knew the family.

As School Board Gives Itself More Time, Interim Schools Chief Faces Funding Test

"It looks like we're going to have to eliminate 400 positions," says Montgomery County's interim schools superintendent. He'll be presiding over that challenge while the Board of Education decides how to permanently fill his position.

Tax Clash Adds Tension To Debate Over Potomac Yard

As Alexandria settles on a financing plan for the new Metro station at Potomac Yard, residents in the area are questioning whether a proposed tax increase on their homes is a wise decision.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Larry Bowers Now 'Interim' Schools Superintendent In Montgomery County

In Maryland, Larry Bowers has been upgraded from "acting" superintendent of Montgomery County schools to "interim" superintendent. Bowers has been serving as the acting superintendent since February when Dr. Joshua Starr resigned.

Two Children Test Positive For Lead At D.C. General Homeless Shelter

D.C. health officials are looking into D.C.'s main family homeless shelter after two children were found to have elevated lead levels in their blood.

On Infrastructure Spending, Congress Kicks The Can Down The Road Again

A long-term federal transportation plan remains forthcoming as the House today voted for the twelfth short-term funding patch in just six years.

Gun Owners Seeking D.C. Concealed Carry Permits Left In Limbo After Ruling

A judge's decision this week tossed out a key a provision of D.C.'s concealed carry law, but city officials haven't yet said what their next step will be.