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Friday, May 10, 2013

House Calls Can Be A Better Option For Some Seniors

House calls serve as the first line of defense against elder abuse and neglect. Doctors, nurse practitioners and social workers can watch how patients interact with caregivers and see their surroundings.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Elder Abuse: Who To Contact

Here's how to find your Adult Protective Services contact if you think there's a problem.  

Ocean City's Springfest Features 'Boardwalked'

The 23rd annual Springfest celebration will be showcasing nearly a hundred vendors, including one that's selling repurposed pieces of the boardwalk.

House Republicans Preparing Backup Plan For Debt Ceiling

The suspension to raise the debt ceiling expires May 19, and House Republicans are preparing a backup plan in case Congress fails to meet the deadline.

D.C. Cab Riders Will Be Able To Pay Fares With Credit Cards By September

D.C.'s 7,300 taxicabs should be able to accept credit cards by September, said the D.C. Taxicab Commissioner today.

Fairfax Officials Address Human Trafficking At McLean Town Hall

Fairfax County detectives say human trafficking and gang-related rapes are common in Northern Virginia.

New Asian Elephant To Join Herd At National Zoo

An Asian elephant hailing from the Baton Rouge Zoo will soon call the Elephant Trail exhibit at Smithsonian's National Zoo home.

Analysis: FBI Investigates Political Donations To McDonnell Family, O'Malley Receives Criticism In Jail Indictments

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the latest details behind the investigation in Gov. Bob McDonnell's relationship to an Virginia businessman.

D.C. Ethics Board Admonishes Legislator

The D.C. ethics board has admonished a legislator for interfering with health officials who were trying to close a business that was infested with rats.

Privately-Owned Jet Scrambled For Ocean City Air Show

The Blue Angels had to cancel their engagement with the Ocean City Air Show due to sequestration, but organizers were able to find a replacement — one of few that exists.

Metro Station Closings Abound This Weekend

It may be a good weekend to take a car into the city, as nine Metro stations will be closed for repairs, adding nearly an hour to travel times for some.

D.C. Uses Zombies To Scare Kids Away From Synthetic Marijuana

A new ad campaign in D.C. is using zombies to persuade young people against using synthetic marijuana, known as "spice."

Analysis: Roll Call Clout Index Ranks Maryland, Virginia Among Most Powerful States

David Hawkings, columnist for Hawkings Here for Roll Call, talks about what gives a state political clout.

Cuccinelli Allowed To Recuse Himself From Chef's Case

A judge granted a request by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to recuse himself from a case against the former executive chef at the governor's mansion.

Elderly Couple's Tale Of Abuse Not So Uncommon

The day Jeannie Beidler came home to find her grandparents decaying in their own waste was the saddest day of her life. I