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Friday, March 15, 2013

'Three Little Birds': Bringing Bob Marley To The Theatrical Stage

Adventure Theatre Musical Theatre Center will sweep audiences to Jamaica this spring, as it presents Three Little Birds: a world-premiere musical combining Bob Marley's music with his daughter's children's book of the same name.

Getting The Lowdown On Higher Ed

Many local colleges and universities are on spring break, but there's plenty happening in the world of higher education — from budget crunches to an upcoming Supreme Court decision on affirmative action in admissions policies.

Why Are Yellow Perch Disappearing From Our Rivers?

For years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been trying to figure out why yellow perch, which spawn in rivers feeding into the Chesapeake Bay, are reproducing at lower and lower levels.

Eating In The Embassy: Getting Hungry For Hungarian Food

We continue our Eating in the Embassy series with a trip to the Embassy of Hungary, where Chef Viktor Merényi has been wowing guests with his new-fangled take on Hungarian cuisine for four years.

Getting Your Garden To Grow... In A Basement Apartment

Kenneth Moore was 4 years old when he grew his first garden. Now, you can find evidence of his green thumb everywhere in his D.C. studio apartment.

Want To See Washington's Cherry Blossoms Without The Crowds?

With the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival just around the corner, we'll head to the National Arboretum to check out one of the most diverse collections of cherry trees in the United States.

The Week On Metro Connection: Spring Fling

We'll get outdoors, get our hands dirty, and get a bit of sun as we celebrate the arrival of the spring season.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mothers Hold Silent Vigil Outside NRA Headquarters

The National Rifle Association's Fairfax building is the scene of a silent vigil by a group called Moms Rising, which advocates for stronger "common sense" gun laws.

Ocean City Rejects Old Bay Advertising Overture

The makers of Old Bay offered to pay Ocean City to wrap their highly-visible boardwalk trams in advertising for the seafood spice — an offer city officials rejected, because they are thinking bigger.

Senate Budget Committee Digs Into Democratic Proposal

The Democratic budget proposal differs from Rep. Paul Ryan's plan heard earlier this week, in that it shields federal workers and raises trillions in new revenues.

Art Beat With Lauren Landau, March 14

You can view a collection of artwork made from glass and clay, or see a play about a stronger substance: friendship.

No Furloughs For Arlington National Cemetery

Workers across the D.C. region are bracing for the effects of sequestration, but one oasis from the furloughs is in the region's famous military cemetery.

Local Catholics Celebrate Election Of Pope Francis

Catholics in D.C. and Baltimore greeted the election of 76-year-old Cardinal Jorge Maria Begoglio of Argentina, now Pope Francis, with ringing bells and widespread jubilation.

Whispering Pines Motel Becomes 65th Target Of Suspected Accomack Arsonist

Accomack County police on Virginia's Eastern Shore are determined to catch a suspected arsonist, after another abandoned building was burned to the ground.

Facing Sequestration, Local Governments Weigh Tax Hikes, Service Cuts

Hundreds of thousands of Virginia residents are facing furloughs and layoffs, whichis forcing leaders in local government to make difficult choices about their budget priorities.