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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teen Electrocuted Outside Herndon School

A 14-year-old was electrocuted and three other teens injured while on the roof of an elementary school in Herndon on Tuesday night.

Prosecutors Say That Tweets Prove That Manning Conspired With WikiLeaks

Government prosecutors say that tweets between WikiLeaks and Army Pfc. Bradley Manning prove that he conspired to release secret documents, det defense attorneys contest the existence of those tweets.

Art Beat With Lauren Landau, June 19

Tonight you can enjoy a free concert in a local park, or attend a lecture by an artist who is interested in the intersections of culture, literature and technology.

NPS: No Bi-County Parkway Unless Rt. 234 Through Manassas Park Is Closed

Under the terms of a 2005 agreement, the National Park Service said it would only acquiesce to the Bi-County Parkway along the western fringe of the Manassas battlefield if Rt. 234 running through the park were closed.

If Amtrak Cuts Come To Pass, Washington Passengers Could See Options Limited

A House subcommittee's proposed budget for Amtrak could cut service in and out of Union Station, limiting options for many passengers.

Virginia Teen Charged In Wake Of Friend's Death In Skateboarding Accident

The 17-year-old has been charged with reckless driving after an incident in which a friend on a skateboard who was hanging on to the driver's side window of the car he was driving fell and died.

Virginia Democrats Seek To Chip Away At Republican Majority In House of Delegates

Thirteen first-time Democratic candidates said yesterday that they hoped to unseat Northern Virginia Republicans as part of a plan to get closer to a majority in the House of Delegates.

Metro Sticks To Stance That Fixes Needed For Silver Spring Transit Center

Without structural fixes, the regional transit agency says it won't take over the long-delayed Silver Spring Transit Center.

After Four Years Of Fighting, D.C. Council Approves New Rules For Food Trucks

The new rules create a long-awaited regulatory framework for what has become a popular and industry made up of over 150 food trucks.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Metro Investigating Problems With Emergency Intercom On Red Line Train

Passengers say they tried to use the emergency call system yesterday evening to alert the driver about the fight near the Woodley Park station, but they got no response.

Government Lawyer Accused Of Sexual Assault Found Dead In D.C. Jail

Paul Mannina was being held at the D.C. Jail after being charged with sexually assaulting a co-worker.

Montgomery County Legislators To Discuss Limits On Five-Cent Bag Tax

Legislators will debate a bill that would limit the county's five-cent bag tax to food stores, a change that could result in a 38 percent drop in expected revenue.

Virginia Butt Slasher Pleads Guilty

Former day laborer Johnny Pimentel admitted to slashing the buttocks of at least nine women, and could face up to seven years in prison.

Norton Ducks Questions On Campaign Money Linked To D.C. Businessman

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton isn't saying whether she'll return thousands in campaign contributions from D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson, who is accused of running a straw political donation scheme.

Supreme Court Voids Sentence Handed Down By Virginia Judge In Robbery Case

A Supreme Court ruling found that a Virginia judge improperly applied a lower standard of evidence in deciding to increase the sentence of a man accused of robbery in 2009.