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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Opinions On Virginia Governor Largely Split Along Party Lines

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has taken some PR flak in recent months for receiving gifts from a political donor — even so, opinions on the governor still largely adhere to party fault lines.

Two Bull Sharks Caught In The Potomac River

A pair of bull sharks more than eight feet long were pulled from the Potomac River this week, not far from local swimming holes.

Appeal Filed For U.Va. Lacrosse Player Who Killed Ex-Girlfriend

Attorneys representing George W. Huguely allege errors involving jury selection in seeking a new trial for the May 2010 beating death of Yeardley Love.

D.C. Fire Chief Accused Of Injuring Firefighter While Grabbing Phone

A D.C. firefighter has filed a complaint against Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe, saying that the chief injured him while grabbing for his phone while at the scene of an ambulance fire last week.

Half Of Virginians Want Bloomberg To Stay Away From Their Gun Laws

A new poll finds that 52 percent of Virginians want New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to stay away from the commonwealth's gun laws.

VIDEO: Ben's Chili Bowl Celebrates 55 Years Of Half-Smokes And History

It's been over a half-century of half-smokes at Ben's Chili Bowl, and today the storied restaurant was celebrated by luminaries including comedian Bill Cosby.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Door To Door: Arlington Ridge, Va. And Hawthorne, D.C.

This time around, we visit Arlington Ridge, Va., and the Hawthorne neighborhood of Northwest D.C.

Local Couple Pursues Parenting Dream Overseas

When Crystal Travis decided to start a family, she chose to use a surrogate... who lived halfway around the world, in India. Now she's helping other families pursue similar paths.

Mining For A 'Mother Lode' Of Gold In Montgomery County

Once upon a time, in the late 1800s, it was believed you could find a 'mother lode' of gold... in Maryland.

On The Coast: Mother And Son Reveal Toll Of Bullying

One Eastern Shore mother and her son say they're dealing with bullying at school — and they feel schools aren't doing enough to prevent this harassment.

Mothers Grapple With Autism's Impact On Siblings

We'll talk with local mothers about how they balance the needs of "neurotypical children" with those of siblings with autism.

'Asia Moms' Share Stories Of Adoption

We'll hear the stories of children in the D.C. area who grew up as Americans, but spent their first few months of life in Chinese orphanages.

Maryland Woman Shares Joys, Struggles Of Transtion To Motherhood

New mom Twanda Washington shares an audio diary of her first days with her infant son, PJ.

Women Sound Off On Work-Life Balance

A new survey finds a growing number of moms say their ideal situation is to work full-time, even if many would rather be with their kids.

This Week On Metro Connection: Motherhood

From pregnancy and adoption to sibling struggles and bullying in schools, we'll look at the many issues moms face as we bring you a show about "Motherhood."