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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

D.C. Council Members Look To Push Back April 1 Primary

Next year's D.C. Council primary may get moved back to June of next year, if a bill introduced by Council Chair Phil Mendelson and others passes.

Sequester Cuts Hit Three Smithsonian Buildings

Sequester cuts are filtering their way down to the exhibit level, as Smithsonian officials have announced closures of three exhibit areas.

Council Member Catania Outlines Plans For 'Reform 2.0' In DCPS

As new head of the Committee on Education in D.C., Council member David Catania lays out his plans for reforms speaking to education reporter Kavitha Cardoza.

Republican Del. Ron George To Run For Maryland Governor

The field of candidates for Maryland governor is getting more crowded, as Republican Del. Ron George has signaled his intention to run for office.

CareFirst Calls For 25 Percent Rate Hike In Maryland

Those with individual insurance plans in Maryland could see rates rise by a quarter, if a request by the state's largest health care provider is approved.

Virginia Democrats Renew Call For Cuccinelli To Resign

Virginia Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli disclosed $13,000 in gifts from donors last week, which has prompted Democrats in the state to call for him to resign.

Red And Grey: D.C. Cab Commission Agrees On New Colors

After months of speculation and argument the new uniform color scheme for D.C. cabs has been unearthed: red with a grey stripe.

'Outer Beltway' Meets Opposition From Residents, Lawmakers

A third battle of Manassas is underway in Northern Virginia. This fight does not concern the fate of the nation — it's about a highway.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Maryland Del. Ron George Plans To Run For Governor

The Republican business owner says he'll formally announce his bid on June 5 in Annapolis.

Invasive Plant Threatens Maryland's Deep Creek Lake

Maryland's Department of Natural Resources is looking into ways to deal with Eurasian watermilfoil, an invasive plant that can affect aquatic life in the area.

Supreme Court Upholds Virginia Limiting FOIA Requests In-State

Those residing outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia will continue face hurdles in getting state documents, after the Supreme Court upheld the state's rights to restrict FOIA requests to residents.

Analysis: 'Anonymous' Targets Maryland Lawmaker For Crafting Cyber Security Bill

David Hawkings, writer for the Hawkings Here column for Roll Call, talks about how one local lawmaker is learning about cyber security firsthand.

New Traffic Signal Aims To Improve Pedestrian Safety In D.C.

D.C. transportation officials are hoping a new high intensity crosswalk signal will slow down drivers in the District.

Hearing Expected For Mississippi Man In Ricin Letters Case

The man accused of sending poison laced mail to the White House and Congress is expected in a Mississippi U.S. District Court today.

Arson Definition Changes In D.C., Dramatically Altering Closure Rate

One way to increase the closure rate in arson cases is simply to solve more crimes. The other, according to a Washington Post report, is to change the definition of what constitutes arson.