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Friday, February 1, 2013

Spingarn High Students, Alums Brace For School's Closure

We'll talk with students past and present at D.C.'s Spingarn High School about how they'll say goodbye to the school when it closes at the end of this academic year.

On The Coast: Kicking A Heroin Habit, And Helping Others Do the Same

As officials try to get a handle on a recent uptick in heroin use on Maryland's Eastern Shore, we hear from a local man who used the drug for years, and finally beat his addiction.

Coping With The Loss Of A Newborn Child

We talk about loss, grief, and letting go with a D.C. woman who lost one of her twin boys shortly after his birth.

This Week On Metro Connection: Letting Go

On this week's show, we'll meet people relinquishing all sorts of things — from a dangerous addiction, to an over-reliance on technology.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calling All Actors, Artists, Writers, Musicians, Curators, Musicians, Producers and Directors!

WAMU invites members of the arts community to share recommendations for stories, events and trends from across the Washington region.

Maryland Health Officials Waited To Notify Public Of Meningitis Cause

Maryland health officials held off for a week before notifying the public of the likely cause of a meningitis outbreak in the state, AP reports.

DREAM Act Passes In Virginia House Committee

A DREAM Act bill in Virginia has failed in a state senate committee. The vote was a blow to immigrant advocates who just yesterday celebrated a House committee passing the bill.

Virginia House Committee Passes McDonnell's Transportation Plan

A transportation funding overhaul in Virginia got the approve of the State House Finance Committee Wednesday; the plan to eliminate the state's gas tax and increase sales tax now goes to the Senate Finance Committee.

Marion Barry Proposes Using Budget Surplus On Disadvantage

A D.C. council member is trying to force the city to use $100 million of a budget surplus on services for disadvantaged residents.

Committee Approves Letter Grade System For Virginia Schools

The Virginia House Education Committee approved a number of bills this week, including one that would create a uniform letter-grading system to rate public schools in the state. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Named 'Year Of The Chesapeake Bay'

As part of an effort to continue momentum on Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts, Maryland's governor has named this the Year Of the Chesapeake Bay.

Bike Advocates See U-Turn Enforcement As A Good Sign

The law barring U-turns across the bike lane on Pennsylvania Avenue has gone into effect, and DDOT officials were out in force warning drivers about the $100 fine that awaits offenders.

Tracking Tree Genes In Maryland Requires Helping Hands

Scientists are enlisting the help of the public to track genetic variations in Maryland's Balsam Poplar trees, to identify mutations that may help the trees weather climate change.

Gold Medal Gymnast Gabby Douglas Donating Items To Smithsonian

Olympic gymnast and Virginia Beach, Va., native Gabrielle Douglas is donating many personal effects to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Northern Virginia Has Lowest Jobless Rate In Commonwealth

Virginia's jobless rate is below the national average, but the commonwealth's Metropolitan suburbs boasts a jobless rate that is low even by those elevated standards.