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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Only Days After Being Chosen As Running Mate, Ivey Turns To Defending Gansler

Prince George's County Delegate Jolene Ivey was only chosen to run alongside gubernatorial contender Doug Gansler this week, but she's already doing her part in defending him against criticism.

Private Donation Reopens Ford's Theatre

Ford's Theatre is reopening its doors and resuming performances with private funding, even though the government shutdown is continuing into a third week.

Ocean City Officials Debate How Best To Advertise To Potential Visitors

The decision to extend the contract for Ocean City’s advertising company has renewed an intense battle over the town’s $5 million ad budget.

Barrage Of Scandals In Virginia Expose Weak Disclosure Laws

Scandals that have befallen both of Virginia's top gubernatorial contenders have made clear that the commonwealth's disclosure laws are lacking, say political analysts.

D.C. Legislator Proposes Giving $100,000 To Students For College Tuition

The bill introduced by Council member David Catania (I-At Large) would offer qualifying D.C. students up to $100,000 to put towards college tuition.

As Arlington Gets Denser, Planners Study How To Right-Size Parking Lots

A new study of 16 high-rise residential building near Metro stations in Arlington finds that parking garages aren't at capacity and plenty of car-owners simply aren't driving to work.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Latest McAuliffe Scandal Unlikely To Sway Virginia Governor's Race

Political observers say the latest scandal to hit Terry McAuliffe's campaign for Virginia governor is likely too close to Election Day to have significant impact.

Video Showing Maryland Rep. Van Hollen Calling Out House Leadership Goes Viral

Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen called out House leadership for an obscure parliamentarian change that Democrats say is keeping the government shutdown.

Montgomery County To Open Glen Echo Park By Friday

Glen Echo Park has been shuttered since the beginning of the government shutdown, but county officials say they will take on the costs of upkeep in order to have it open again by this weekend.

How To See The Orionid Meteor Shower In The D.C. Area

NASA employees may be furloughed, but that doesn't stop the stars from twinkling. A meteor shower is slated for Sunday night — find out how best to  catch a glimpse.

Veterans Rally To Call For End To Government Shutdown

Representatives of more than 30 veterans organizations gathered at the World War II memorial Tuesday morning to call for an end to the government shutdown.

Montgomery County Debates Bus-Only Traffic Lanes For New Transit Network

Montgomery County lawmakers are considering plans for an 80-mile express bus network that is raising a divisive issue: how many car lanes should be turned into bus-only lanes?

Money Flows Into D.C. Mayoral Race From Across Country And World

Forty percent of the $1.8 million collected by D.C.'s mayoral contenders has come from beyond city limits, with one contribution having come from as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Planned Alexandria Waterfront Hotel Too Big, Say Critics

The first development under Alexandria's new waterfront plan is drawing opposition for being too big.

Maryland Chooses Against Paying To Reopen Shuttered National Parks

The Assateague Island National Seashore and other national parks in Maryland will remain closed as the state opts against paying to reopen them during the federal government shutdown.