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Friday, November 13, 2015

Donald Trump's Campaign Gets Serious In Virginia

With less than a month to go before the deadline, only one presidential candidate in either party has submitted signatures to get on the ballot in Virginia: Donald Trump.

Bowser Calls FreshPAC A 'Distraction,' Supports Decision To Shut It Down

D.C. Mayor Bowser says she supports the decision to shut down FreshPAC, the controversial political action committee that was formed by a group of her supporters to — as they described it — support her agenda.

Your Letters

We open up the ol' Metro Connection inbox to hear some of your responses some of our recent shows.

Canine Freestylers Take Center Stage At FotoWeekDC

Song and dance duos of woman and dog are the subject of a photo exhibition this week at the Spanish Cultural Center.

This Week On Metro Connection: Nov. 13, 2015

We'll find out why a tiny sliver of land honoring a pop star-turned politico is getting a new lease on life. We'll go inside FreshPAC's decision to shut down the controversial political action committee supporting D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. And we'll hear why a proposed bike lane is sparking heated debates about race, economics, and displacement.

How The Pro-Bowser FreshPAC Was Forced To Disband

This week, the treasurer of a controversial political action committee supporting D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced it would be closing down and returning hundreds of thousands of dollars to donors. Why did organizers change course, just days after the mayor strongly defended the PAC?

Door To Door: Lowes Island, Virginia, And Stronghold, D.C.

It's our ongoing journey around the region. This time, we'll visit Lowes Island, Virginia, and the Stronghold neighborhood of Northeast D.C.

Are Mobile Urban Farms A Good Use Of Space In D.C.?

On a vacant three-acre patch of land in Southeast Washington, volunteers are building what will be the city's largest urban farm. It's designed in such a way that it can be uprooted and relocated to a new vacant lot when the current parcel is developed in the next few years.

Why The Fight Over A Bike Lane In Shaw Isn't About Biking

To cycling advocates, and to the District Department of Transportation, bike lanes are about safety — just the same as a crosswalk or stop sign. But in D.C.'s Shaw neighborhood, a proposed bike lane is sparking heated debates about race, economics and displacement.

The United States Marine Band Seeks Its Next Young Soloist

The United States Marine Band — a.k.a. "The President's Own" — has played at every presidential inauguration since Thomas Jefferson was elected. These days it performs at the White House as many as 200 times a year. Now, the band is holding a national high school competition to select a soloist for an upcoming concert.

Can Teaching Mathematics With Music Boost Student Achievement?

Prince George's County is a pioneer in adopting what's known as Arts Integration: introducing the arts into school subjects that don't, on the surface, seem overly artistic. The result, proponents say, is a class of students who have mastered the material better than they would have without art.

How A Local Chorus Is Going About Memorizing The 70-Minute Brahms' Requiem — In German

The lyrics of the latest three-minute pop song may quickly get stuck in your head, but how do you go about memorizing a piece of music that's 70 minutes ... and in German? We find out how a local chorus is preparing to perform Brahms' Requiem this week, entirely from memory.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Video Showing Deadly Tasing Of Virginia Man Renews Debate On Stun Gun Policy

Taser-related deaths, says Justin Mazzola at Amnesty International, have "caused people to take a look not only on the use of Tasers more generally but the policies that are put in place by law enforcement regarding their use."

Feds Pressure Region's Leaders To Act On Metro Safety Before 2019 Deadline

The head of the federal agency temporarily in charge of safety oversight of Metro is calling on regional leaders to get moving on establishing a permanent safety body.

As Body-Worn Camera Use Spreads, ACLU Pitches Its Own App To Record Cops

Want to quickly record police misconduct and file a complaint with a prominent civil liberties organization? There's now an app for that.