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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Theater J Kicks Off 4th Annual 'Locally Grown' Art Festival

An arts initiative modeled after the locavore and community supported agriculture movements kicked off this past week, with several local productions taking the stage through next month.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bill Would Lower Cost Of Printing Public Documents In Maryland

Maryland State Sen. Jamie Raskin is sponsoring a bill that would make state and local agencies lower the charges for documents that are sought under the Public Information Act.

Maryland Senate Gives Preliminary Approval To Strict Fracking Bill

After a week of intense debate, the Maryland Senate has given preliminary approval to a bill creating some of the strictest liability standards in the U.S. for fracking companies.

No 'Fatal Flaws' That Would Prevent Streetcar From Starting Service

The finding does not clear the way for the opening of the streetcar, but it does provide relief after DDOT's new chief said the entire project could be canceled.

Virginia Officials' Financial Disclosure Forms Aren't As Public As They Should Be

Elected officials from across Virginia are required to submit personal financial disclosure forms twice a year. But some of that public information isn't so public.

Republican Pushback Turning D.C. Into Battleground For LGBT And Reproductive Rights

D.C. is once again in the crosshairs of conservatives, but this time it isn't over pot policy or gun laws.

Sens. Ted Cruz, James Lankford Attack Two D.C. Laws: Q&A With Roll Call's David Hawkings

Never forget that Cruz is running for president, the Roll Call columnist says.

Federal Agency Investigating Labor Squabble Involving D.C. Streetcar

The streetcar system in Northeast D.C. has not carried a single passenger, but it is already embroiled in a controversy being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board.

Bowser Sticks To Corbett Price Pick For Metro Board, Despite Transit Union's Opposition

D.C.'s mayor is defending her choice of Corbett Price, a financial consultant with a history of battling labor unions, to Metro's board of directors.

A Candid Discussion About Disability And Accessible Music Venues

The founder of Is This Venue Accessible appeared on The Kojo Nnamdi Show to talk about D.C.'s music scene, and why accessibility hasn't gotten equal billing alongside other social-justice issues.

For Fairfax County School Officials, Not Every Disclosure Is Public

Should Fairfax County school officials have the power to redact some information about family members from their financial disclosure forms? Virginia lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say no.

'Rain Tax' Repeal Clears Another Hurdle In Maryland Legislature

The state Senate has given preliminary approval to repealing the mandate that local governments charge residents the fee in order to pay for federally mandated cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay.

This Week On Metro Connection: The Next Generation

We'll celebrate the official arrival of spring with stories of the young'ns among us.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Md. Senate Delays Vote On Strict Fracking Bill, But Defeats One Key Amendment

For a third day, the Maryland Senate has delayed a vote on legislation that would put some of the strongest liability standards in the U.S. on drilling companies that frack in the state. But the measure did clear an important hurdle.

Glitch In D.C. Police Database Has Prosecutors Concerned About Missing Data

A glitch in a Metropolitan Police Department database has prosecutors in D.C. scrambling to find out whether key information was withheld from defense attorneys.