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Monday, March 21, 2016

During A Rare Day In D.C., Trump Demands Republicans Embrace Him

A front-runner under attack from all sides, Republican Donald Trump demanded that his party's skeptical establishment embrace the inevitability of his presidential nomination as he stormed into Washington on Monday. Democrats responded by debuting a multi-pronged assault.

Is D.C. Moving Fast Enough On Bike Lanes? Six Miles To Be Added In 2016

D.C.'s long-term goal is to reach 75 miles of protected bike lanes, but with just 1 mile of new protected lanes being added this year, advocates are questioning DDOT's commitment to making the District a top city for cycling.

From Institution To Inclusion

How did D.C. treat residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the past and what lessons have we learned moving forward? Read Martin Austermuhle's four-part series about Forest Haven.

Friday, March 18, 2016

LISTEN: Highlights From Maryland Senate Debate On 'The Politics Hour'

Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen, the two frontrunners for the Democratic nomination in Maryland's Senate race, squared off Friday in a live debate at WAMU 88.5's studios, featuring questions from Kojo Nnamdi and Tom Sherwood.

FAA To Tourists: Cherry Blossom Festival (And D.C. In General) Is No-Drone Zone

The blossoms might be breathtaking from the air, but if you're planning to shoot some drone video, forget it.

Official: Power Cables Near D.C. Subway Fire Lacked Insulation

A federal official says power cables next to the one that caught fire at a downtown Washington subway station on Monday were not equipped with insulating materials that prevent moisture and debris from causing corrosion that can lead to fires.

Playing The Metro Blame Game? Start With Decisions In Decades Past

Metro has been the object of a lot of scorn this week after shutting down the rails for the whole day Wednesday for emergency inspections, but the maintenance problems actually have roots that go back as far as four decades.

How A Job Can Offer A Key To Independence And Inclusion For Those With Developmental Disabilities

To really make sure that people with developmental disabilities are integrated into a community, they need to have jobs, but only 19 percent in D.C. are employed. We take a trip to Washington state, to find out how  they got their rate up to 86 percent.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

LISTEN: What Did Virginia's Lawmakers (And Governor) Accomplish This Session?

WAMU 88.5 reporter Michael Pope discusses what the Virginia General Assembly achieved in 2016, and what it means for Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who still has one more legislative session left in his governorship.

Controversial Arlington Gun Store's Owner Breaks His Silence

Dennis Pratte, the owner of a gun store opposed by residents in Arlington's Lyon Park neighborhood, reiterated his threat to sue members of the General Assembly and assured concerned neighbors his store would not stock machine guns.

LISTEN: We Get Close, But Not Too Close, To The Bald Eagle Cam Nest

Armando Trull talks to National Arboretum Director Richard Olson about the bald eagles First Lady and Mr. President as the birds prepare to welcome two eaglets into the world.

Metro's Latest Safety Lapse Exposes Major Questions As Riders Return To The Rails

The move to shutter Metrorail on Wednesday to inspect faulty power cables was more than just an inconvenience — it exposes troubling questions about the transit agency's safety culture.

Does Maryland Need A State Standard On Affirmative Consent?

Members of the Maryland House Judiciary Committee heard arguments about the prevalance of sexual assault on college campuses in the state and whether a state standard for affirmative consent needs to be made explicit.

In D.C., A Long-Awaited Turnaround For Residents With Developmental Disabilities

In the third of our four-part series on the decades-long fight to give D.C. residents with developmental disabilities the same opportunities as everyone else, we look at what it took to turn around a system that had failed people with disabilities for so long.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Metrorail Reopens Thursday After 26 Defects Found And Repaired

Metro service has returned to normal on Thursday after emergency repairs shut down the entire system on Wednesday, in an unprecedented closure which rippled throughout the region.