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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fear About Ebola Taxes Rural Hospitals

A Delaware woman repeatedly contacted emergency services saying she had contracted Ebola — highlighting how the mere threat of the virus can tax limited resources in rural hospitals.

Police Confirm Remains Are Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham

The news marks the end of an emotional search that spanned more than a month and attracted national attention.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Franchot: 'Lethargic' Economy May Keep Maryland Voters Away From Polls

Comptroller Peter Franchot believes as long as the economy remains sluggish, voters will stay home because they are tired of political "spin" that attempts to draw attention away from that.

Voter Guide

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Virginia Considers Thorny Question: Should It Collect DNA From All Convicts?

Virginia collects DNA from convicted felons, and now there are calls for further expansion of the state's DNA database to include those convicted of misdemeanors — a possibility that worries many civil libertarians.

Fairfax Judge Allows Still Camera In Court For Severance Trial, TV Camera Possible

A Fairfax County judge who is presiding over a high-profile Alexandria case will allow a still camera into the courtroom for the murder trial of Charles Severance, who is accused of killing three people.

Two Universities Investigating Links To D.C. Rabbi Charged With Voyeurism

After a prominent rabbi was arrested on voyeurism charges, several local universities where he taught classes are reaching out to students who may have had contact with him.

With Election Day Closing In, New Poll Has Bowser With 17-Point Lead Over Catania

A new poll from The Kojo Nnamdi Show and Washington City Paper show Muriel Bowser with a 17-point advantage over David Catania in the race for D.C. mayor.

This Week On Metro Connection: Devotion

From the workplace to the home to the stage, we explore Washingtonians' dedication and commitment, often in the face of some daunting odds.

Family Holds Together After Accident That Changes Everything

Kate Lebrun was 13 when her father was paralyzed in an accident. Listen to the family talk about how they pulled through together.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Three Dead, Two Injured In Frederick Aircraft Collision

The deadly crash took place during a helicopter training exercise Thursday afternoon.

Amid Funding Fight, D.C. Cuts Streetcar System From 22 To 8 Miles

D.C. officials today announced the next step in the construction of additional streetcar lines across the city, but also admitted that a conflict with the D.C. Council over funding would likely cut the planned 22-mile system by more than half.

A Hashtag That All Washington Football Fans Can Get Behind

With many local fans mulling whether the team's name is offensive, it can be a tough time to be a D.C. football fan on social media.

Judge In Severance Murder Trial Begins Deciding On Camera Access

Judge Jane Roush will allow one still camera into the courtroom for the pretial motions in the case.

Federal Workers' Pay Isn't Untouchable For Two Northern Virginia Candidates

Micah Edmond and Don Beyer both say they support the Simpson-Bowles federal budget plan, which would eventually hit federal workers and contractors in the pocketbook.